Going green doesn’t have to be difficult. We make choices daily that affect our footprint on the Earth. To celebrate Earth Day, we've put together 10 simple ways you can begin living a greener life! 

Let There Be (Natural) Light!

Good lightening in your home can cut down the use of using the lights during the day significantly! Don't have the option to open the blinds and curtains for more light? Make the choice to switch to better eco-friendly lighting and reduce your energy use and annual costs. Win-win. Look for bulbs with a better energy rating, they can reduce the energy burned up to 75% and burn for 10,000 hours opposed to 1,000 hours. 

Shop With The Locals 

Pack your reusable bags and spend a morning at the farmer's markets. You'll be able to find most of what you need, and save yourself some money, support the locals and by-pass food laden in packages that have traveled miles to make it to your house. You'll begin to become more efficient at shopping in a more environmentally friendly way while getting a nice dose of sunshine! 

Surround Yourself With Green 

Studies show that indoor plants will help clear the air of toxins. Toxins are lurking everywhere and with 90% of Americans spending the majority of their time indoors you would want to make that space the healthiest it can be right? Ventilate your home and add some greens and you'll be improving your air quality straight away! 

Digital Detox Is The New Juice Detox 

Make time to unplug and reconnect. This sounds so challenging to many, and the first time usually is, but once you reap the benefits of 1 day off the tech, you'll be scheduling in these days more often. Soak up that interaction with your family or spend the day getting to know yourself all over again. 

Gift Plants Over Flowers 

Instead of brightening someone's day with flowers, why not brighten it with a plant! Not only will it help to purify the air in their home, but you'll stop contributing to deforestation, waste, food miles and reduce their pesticide exposure. 

Follow The Zero-Waste Rule  

It's no surprise that food waste is such a problem, nearly 40% of food in the U.S. eventually ends up in a landfill. Challenge yourself and your family to create 'Zero-Waste' meals. Those overripe bananas, broccoli stems, and sad tomatoes all still have a use! 

Become A Minimalist 

Less is more. Detox your closest, clean up your laundry & reduce spend. 
If something no longer serves you, donate it and let it serve someone else! Green up your laundry routine by switching to natural cleaning products and skip the dryer to opt for drying naturally. Finally, stop spending for the sake of spending. 96% of people's spending habits are linked to emotional reasons. 

Drive Less, Move More 

How much we rely on transportation has contributed to our ever-growing health problems in today's society! Dust off your bike takes an old-fashioned walk and make a goal to utilize public transport more than you use your car. 

Start Composting 

Did you know Americans throw away more than 30 millions tons of food waste per year? Many things in your kitchen can be spared from the trash. Composting can be easier than you think! 

Carbon Footprint 

Think you are going green but are you fully aware of how much energy consumption one person can use? Check out this handy tool to calculate your energy intake. 

What Would You Add To The List?