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The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program

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Launching March 2022:


Monday, February 28
- Monday, March 14


Monday, March 21
- Thursday, March 31


Monday, April 4

In March, Food Matters Institute is opening enrollments to the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program for the first of two intakes in 2022. To celebrate the first intake, we'll be running three incredible Masterclasses with some of the Program's most loved teachers.

Here's what you'll be mailing to:

Christa Orecchio
Masterclass 1

Bloating, Weight Gain & Leaky Gut:
How To Heal Your Gut Naturally

with Christa Orecchio

Live from
Monday, March 14
Dr. Tami Meraglia
Masterclass 2

How to Balance Your
Hormones Naturally

with Dr. Tami Meraglia

Live from
Thursday, March 17
Elizabeth Rider
Masterclass 3

How to Turn Your Passion
for Nutrition into a Career

with Elizabeth Rider

Live from
Sunday, March 20
Lifestyle Tips Affiliate Program

About the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program:

This 10-week online certification program was designed to help students transform their life and health by understanding the fundamentals of a holistic approach to health, wellness, and nutrition. The program brings together the greatest minds in health, independent from big business interests, to share the most trusted research on nutrition and healing.

The program allows students to study nutrition alongside the world's leading health experts to better understand how food affects mood, energy levels, gut health, and more. Students can use the program to formalize their knowledge to feel confident in sharing this life-saving message, and become a certified Food Matters Nutrition Coach.

  • We work on a last-click wins attribution method.
  • Average EPL of $5.03.
  • High converting masterclass landing pages.
  • High quality and beautifully designed assets.
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate.

Leaderboard Contest

We're giving away over $18,000 in cash to the partners who drive the most leads between Monday, February 28, through to Sunday, March 20.

1st Place


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10th Place


* IMPORTANT: Please note that partners must mail directly to the sales page at least ONCE to qualify for any prize money from the leads contest.

Program Accreditations

The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program is recognized by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), and is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). This means our graduates qualify for membership and insurance through IICT under the Nutrition Consultant modality.

Certification Accreditation

What other partners are saying about the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program:

“Even though we only sent a small amount of traffic*, the EPC is amazing. Nearly 20 dollars a click. Our clients love Food Matters and it's a perfect fit for our audience.”

*Sending directly to the sales page.

Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel

The Gabriel Method

What is the Offer?

In March 2022, we'll be opening up three exciting Masterclasses. Each Masterclass will cover the most asked about subjects by the Food Matters community and some of the most popular module topics in the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program: gut health, hormone health, and how studying nutrition online can transform a life. During the launch period, participants will have the opportunity to enroll in the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program starting from $999.

For every one of your leads that enrolls in the program, we'll pay you 50% commission. That's a minimum of $499.50.

The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program was designed from the growing need for people to heal themselves (or a loved one) naturally. We've spent the last 15 years studying nutrition and interviewing experts in nutrition, natural medicine, and mind-body therapies to uncover what's transforming lives today. We helped my father heal from depression, chronic fatigue and come off six prescription medicines with this information, and it's only becoming more powerful. The method of healing and good health hasn't changed.

This program is extensive but achievable with ongoing support from the Food Matters Customer Service team.

You can learn more about the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program here.
Certification Desktop

Next Steps


Let us know you'd like to participate.

Submit the signup form here or email our Food Matters Affiliate Coordinator Mikaela at

Mikaela Bella


Save the mailing dates in your calendar:

Monday, February 28
- Monday, March 14


Get ready to share this incredible online event & earn out big!


Q. What is the recommended email sequence?

Partners who have mailed 4+ times, including to the sales page have seen EPLs above $14.

With this historic data, we recommend the following:

  • Email 1: Monday, March 7 - Gut Healing Masterclass hook
  • Email 2: Thursday, March 10 - Hormone Balancing hook
  • Email 3: Sunday, March 13 - Study Nutrition Online Hook + Starts Tomorrow
  • Email 4: Monday, March 21 - Sales Now Open
  • Email 5: Tuesday, March 22 - Repeat Sales Now Open

We strongly recommend sending directly to the sales page once or twice for maximum results.

Q. How often will you be running this event?

We will be running this launch only twice a year. The next launch is in September 2022:

  • PRE-LAUNCH (MAILING WINDOW): Monday, September 12 - Sunday, September 18
  • CONTENT LIVE: Monday, September 12 - Sunday, September 18
  • SALES PERIOD: Monday, September 19 - Thursday, September 29
  • PROGRAM START: Monday, October 3

Q. Where can I find my links?

Participating partners will be sent links from February 7, 2022.

Q. Will you provide creative assets & swipe copy?

Yes! Participating partners will receive beautifully-designed creative assets (for email and socials) and swipe copy to assist with promotion.