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Launching this March 2021:

- Friday, March 19

LIVE SUMMIT Saturday, March 20 - Wednesday, March 31

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About the Total Wellness Summit 2021:

The Total Wellness Summit (TWS) 2021 is an online event bringing together some of the most influential and respected names in health and wellness today. This new Food Matters Summit will explore the latest research, findings, and causes of prevalent health issues, including gut health, immunity, nutrition, energy, hormones, weight-loss, stress, and more.

Over ten days, participants will get access to each audio interview, which will stay open for the entirety of the event (1 or more interviews released each day). At the end of the free online event, participants will have the opportunity to purchase a Total Wellness Summit package, which includes the Food Matters Clean Eating Program and the entire summit recordings.

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The 2021 Total Wellness Summit Schedule

Day 1 // Saturday March 20 March 20
Ocean Robbins

Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plus 7 Foods to Combat Inflammation

Food Matters Recipe
Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Coconut Milk Latte
Day 2 // Sunday March 21 March 21
Chara Caruthers

Healing Herbs & Spices Plus How to Rebalance Digestion

Food Matters Recipe
Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry
Day 3 // Monday March 22 March 22
Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro

Mastering Blood Sugar Spikes, Obesity & Diabetes Naturally

Food Matters Recipe
Chocolate Lovers Smoothie Bowl
Day 4 // Tuesday March 23 March 23
Jon Gabriel

Transform Your Mind & Body Through Visualization

Food Matters Visualization
10-Minute Visualization for Weight Loss
Day 5 // Wednesday March 24 March 24
Daniel Vitalis

Nature’s Weapons Against Disease: Healing Foods, Herbal Remedies & Ancient Nutrition

Food Matters Recipe
Immune-Boosting Wild Berry Smoothie
Day 6 // Thursday March 25 March 25
Dawson Church

Coping With Stress, Anxiety & Maintaining a Positive Energy in Times of Crisis

Food Matters Meditation
10-Minute Meditation to Calm Anxiety
Day 7 // Friday March 26 March 26
Dr. Eric Zielinski

Aromatherapy for Reducing Inflammation & Boosting Immunity

Food Matters Recipe
The Ultimate Skin Beauty Salad
Day 8 // Saturday March 27 March 27
Andrew Saul

Vitamin C for Immunity, Disease Prevention & COVID-19

Food Matters Recipe
Immunity-Boosting Elixir Shot
Day 9 // Sunday March 28 March 28
Octavio Salvado

How to Meditate Like a Master to Calm Your Nervous System & Mind

Food Matters Yoga
40-Minute Morning Yoga Practice
Day 10 // Monday March 29 March 29
John Robbins

How to Eat to Save Your Life

Food Matters Recipe
Ginger Cashew Vegan Stir-Fry

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What is the offer?

During the Total Wellness Summit, participants will have the opportunity to purchase the Summit recording and join us for the Food Matters Clean Eating Program for $129.

Some of today’s most common and deadliest diseases - as discussed by the Total Wellness Summit experts - like cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and more begin in the kitchen.

The Food Matters Clean Eating Program has been designed by our in-house nutritionist to help people regain their confidence in the kitchen, take the overwhelm out of cooking, and to reset the mind and body over 21 days.

The Clean Eating Program will provide the ‘next step’ after participants have attended the online summit and would like to take their learnings further with practical application. With hand-curated meal plans, shopping lists, world-class online support, audio lifestyle tips, and more our goal is to transform this community if like-minded people.

You can learn more about the Clean Eating Program here.
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