Can Urban Farming Nourish a Community?

In West Oakland, California, where liquor stores have replaced markets, People's Grocery is creating a healthy alternative, offering access to organic produce. Through urban gardens and local farms, People's Grocery supports a culture based on connection to the land, sustainable agricultural practices, and regenerating community.


People's Grocery is a community-based organization that develops creative solutions to the health problems stemming from lack of access to and knowledge about healthy, fresh foods. Their mission is to build a local food system that improves the health and economy of the West Oakland community.

"We want to change the way the food system works", says Brahm Ahmadi, co-founder and executive director of People's Grocery. "We believe everyone should have access to healthy food, regardless of income. We call this "food justice" - the belief that healthy food is a human right. The food system is failing to provide low-income people with the healthy foods they need to thrive. It is also failing to create good jobs and support local food businesses in urban communities."

People's Grocery has attracted local and national attention in their effort to transform the inner city food environment and address health problems in West Oakland. Check out their website to find out more.