Need a new years detox

Excerpt from the Food Matters Detox & Rejuvenation Guide:


In much the same way you need a holiday from work, your body needs a break from time to time, especially when you are feeling tired, sick, heavy or just plain run down.

Detoxification is a normal process within the body of eliminating and or neutralizing toxins through the major organs of our colon, liver, kidney, lungs, lymph and skin. Our bodies do it naturally every day, in fact it is one of our most basic automatic functions. But what if our self-cleaning system is overwhelmed by our unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins?

According to many healing experts detoxification through special cleansing programs may be the missing link to disease prevention, especially for immune-deficiency diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and candida. Our chemicalized-food diet, with an over-abundance of animal protein, too much saturated fat and too much caffeine and alcohol radically alters our internal ecosystem. But even if your diet is good, a body cleanse can restore your vitality against environmental toxins that pave the way for disease bearing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In the animal kingdom and in humans in times gone past routine fasting and allowing the body time to clean itself out has been normal practice. Just think how many showers you take in a year to clean the outside of your body and then how many cleanses you do in a year to clean the inside of your body? none? thought so.

Do You Need to Detox?

Here is a little checklist we like to use to see if you're in need of a detox:

  • Do you feel bloated, constipated and congested?
  • Have you gained unwanted pounds even though you are not eating more food and are exercising regularly?
  • Do you feel tired and low in energy? (signs of an acidic diet)
  • Has your digestion worsened? (a sign your body isn't using its nutrients well)
  • Is your hair and skin looking unhealthier than normal?
  • Do you frequently get mouth sores, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, unusual allergies?
  • Do you feel foggy and out of sorts?
  • Do you feel like you need to clear the cobwebs from your brain?

If you have ticked yes to three or more of the above then a detox might be just what your body needs to retain balance.

The 3 Day Detox

Although 7 - 10 days allows the most time for for your body to really begin the detoxification process properly we've found that most people can manage only 3 days in todays busy lifestyle. If you can do 7 days then great, if you can do 10 days even better, if you can only do 1 day than that is better than none however we recommend that if you at least commit to 3 days then you will begin to see the real value in detoxification.

So what are the benefits?

  • You eliminate stored wastes and for some that means they will loose weight
  • Improved vitality and energy levels right away
  • Improved circulation through purifying the liver, kidney and blood
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • You'll turn around bad eating habits and your stomach will have the chance to reduce to normal size for weight control
  • People with heart problems notice a more regular heart beat
  • A fiber rich cleansing diet with sea vegetables, that eliminates meat and dairy protein, almost invariably reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (the single largest risk of death by a long shot)

There are many different detoxification products and programs on the market however we believe that a program that is no too extreme and one that does not leave you starving is one which is most achievable and easiest to commit to.

At the end of the day a program which is easy and effective is better than a program which is difficult and effective.

Incorporating the principals of a macrobiotic brown rice cleanse and a raw foods juice cleanse results in a fiber rich cleansing detox which leaves you clean and satisfied. This 3 day cleanse is a great way to assist the transition from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one. The cleanse uses brown rice as a nutrient building food, and vegetables and vegetable juices as concentrated cleansers. The brown rice is high in potassium, natural iodine and other minerals, so most people notice improvement in their hair, skin texture and nail growth. Brown rice is also high in fiber which helps to sweep the bowels from any accumulated waste. Sea greens boost weight loss and deter cellulite build up and help to balance thyroid function, which helps in metabolizing fat. Vegetable juices help to deliver concentrated enzymes and nutrients directly to the cells of the body which assist in the detoxification process.

For the complete Detox Program outlining every step of the way through your detox program check out the Food Matters Detox & Rejuvenation Guide