With This Ancient Wisdom, We’re Not Just Surviving - We’re Thriving!


More so now than ever, people are searching for ways to thrive rather than simply survive. They’re conscious about what they’re consuming and the ways they’re moving. They’re observing their thought patterns, being truly present and taking it to the next level.

The problem is, we’ve always been taught how to survive, but we’ve never been taught how to thrive.

Drawing together ancient wisdom and practices with a modern flavor, the Thrive series dives into Ayurveda deeper than you’ve gone before. The time-old healing practice encompasses mind, body, spirit, and the foods we nourish ourselves with. It is believed that ancient Indian rishis and seers received the gift of Ayurveda from the Hindu gods some 5,000 years ago, where it has remained a sacred healing tool for centuries. As the modern world becomes captivated by the practice, we have seen a rise in doctors, practitioners, cooks and self-healing guides.

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Ayurveda is founded on three doshas; a way of understanding an individual’s innate constitution. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are biological energies that are found throughout the body and mind. They can be used to explain why we feel certain ways, how we interact with others and self and the reason for our bodies operating why they do. Through techniques of foods, yoga, and meditation, we can harness our understanding of doshas and address any imbalances. In ayurvedic tradition recipes are shared, rituals are suggested, yoga is invited and intuition is always encouraged.

The Thrive series, one of FMTV’s newest additions, is an interactive journey home to yourself. This five-module, six-part docu-series explores the essence of Ayurveda and why this ancient science is needed now more than ever to heal. Mounting research and studies are considering the role Ayurveda plays in healing from conditions like Parkinson’s, cancer and treatment side-effects, and neurodegenerative and depressive disorders.

Upon discovering the wisdom of Ayurveda, it’s always a good idea to delve into your dosha and explore the realm of possibilities.

As many Ayurvedic traditions are based around food; the preparing of fragrant and powerful spice blends, the cooking of nourishing meals, the ways and rituals of just how this food is eaten… so the healing modality is any foodie’s dream when it comes to living their best life.

Yoga is adored for getting our bodies moving and encouraging energy to flow through them. Ayurvedic yoga is no different, with each class offering an intention for the practice. Whether you’re wanting to get long and strong or rest and digest, there’s an ayurvedic asana available to you. And as the world grows to further understand the connection between mind, body and health, developing a meditation practice becomes so integral to calm your thoughts, reduce your stress and boost your energy.

Hear from world-class leaders, guides and visionaries as you take your next step into self-healing with Ayurveda. Dive a little deeper into yourself. Thrive is available right now on FMTV. Start your free 10 day trial inside Food Matters TV to get access to the full series.