Have You Ever Wondered If Vitamins Are Effective?


We get a lot of questions from our community asking us, "Should I take supplements?"

To help you find the answers, we want to invite you to watch a free screening of the incredible film “That Vitamin Movie” starting Friday, September 29th - Sunday, October 1st. You will finally get answers to these unresolved vitamin and supplement questions!


That Vitamin Movie will teach you:

  • The truth about Vitamin C
  • How to make vitamin consumption more effective,
  • What dosages to take and of what vitamins, plus...
  • The effectiveness of vitamin therapy (this will blow your mind)

These are very common questions that are answered so eloquently by our friend and fellow FMTV expert & filmmaker, Dr. Andrew Saul in the film ‘That Vitamin Movie’ as he dives into all the details and answers about vitamins and supplements.

What else will you learn from this film?

  • How to prevent and stop the progression of major diseases with vitamins
  • Strategies to make your vitamin consumption more effective
  • Why Vitamin C may be the most important nutrient ever discovered
  • Latest insights and understandings of vitamin therapy

So if you're ready to choose a preventative way of approaching your health, versus being reactive to things that happen, then you'll want to choose to watch these interviews.

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