The Food Matters Team Favorite Wellness Docs


New to FMTV? With over 600 pieces of content on FMTV the task of picking where to start can be quite a challenge, so to help you out we’ve put together a list of our favorite films and documentaries! 

At Food Matters we always researching and gathering knowledge to stay on top what's happening in the world of wellness so when we are not working hard, being outside or brewing some Kombucha we like to sit down and watch a FMTV doco! It is important for us to keep up to date with the content so we know what you guys want more of, because we are just like you! Budding Yogis, Wellness warriors, healthy foodies, green thumbs, sustainability advocates or a unicorn mixture of all of them. 

There are some clear favorites among the team and some left wing choices too, here is the official Food Matters team favourite films list. 

Kali: The Secret


Henriette: E-Motion The Movie


Rachel: Finding Joe 


Ivette: Powered By Green Smoothies


Kael: Food Matters 


Radhika: The Shift


Grace: Microbirth 


Larina: Hungry For Change 


Chris: Overfed & Undernourished


Marcus: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


James: Origins 


Watch All The Films Here On FMTV!

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