This Film Changed My Idea of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Pinktober. There is a LOT of time, money and energy that our society dedicates to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

But have you ever thought... does any of this really change anything?

  • Is buying another #pinktober t-shirt going to make a difference?
  • Is running another half-marathon helping raise awareness?
  • How is all of this helping breast cancer patients actually get the treatment they deserve?
  • What else can we do?

Yeah, me, too. I had the same questions...

Which is why I’m so proud to tell you that my friends at Natural Living Family decided to put their money where their mouths were and personally sponsor a young woman to receive non-toxic cancer treatments for one year. At least, they thought, they could guarantee that one life would be changed.

She traveled the world willing to do anything to save her life. She discovered never-before-seen treatments and a NEW approach to cancer, and they had the privilege of documenting her story

What resulted is a full-length feature documentary that is being submitted to film festivals across the country and you get a sneak-peak before anyone else does because you're part of my online community!

Watch the trailer below. 

The cancer patient's name is Angie Lima, and her story of faith, courage, and hope during her fight against breast cancer will leave you crying tears of joy.

Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. As a wife, mom, daughter, and friend, Angie saw her world change overnight.

But she never gave up hope. She clung to her faith. She found courage in even the smallest of victories.

What was MOST inspiring?

She did NOT follow the status quo. She settled for nothing less than a perfect-for-her approach and fought cancer successfully with an integrative approach.

Yes, There IS Hope for Cancer...

As you well know, everyone’s cancer journey is different. So, it makes sense that every cancer patient deserves (and requires) a customized treatment protocol that is personalized for them.

Sadly, the truth is… Most doctors are only trained in (and therefore only comfortable) following the medical “standard of care” (chemo, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy) without even considering customizing an integrative approach for their patients that uses an "outside the box" approach.

But… there are options.

That is why it’s SO important to hear from the people who have made choices; who’ve taken decisions and seen the impact of those choices and decisions in their fight against cancer.

Angie is one of those people. It is the first time ever that a young mother’s healing journey has been followed like this: a real-life, behind-the-scenes journey through a myriad of cancer treatments without losing hope that she can beat cancer.

And now, Angie’s sharing her story. She talks about how she made her treatment decisions and why she made those choices, and she does it with complete transparency and the utmost vulnerability in the Hope for Breast Cancer documentary.