Sonia Doubell

Actress-turned-yogi-personality, Sonia Doubell is known for her unique style of Moving Energy Yoga. She weaves and blends dynamic movements, deep stretches, and longer holds to restore flexibility, lengthen, strengthen and balance the whole body. As a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher, NLP practitioner, Hypnobirthing teacher and Life Coach she is passionate about sharing the potential of self-realization through yoga. Her yoga method has taken her all over the world, from teaching Superman's, Brandon Routh in the Hollywood Hills to Richard Branson on Necker Island. Sonia’s DVD, Total Body Yoga was released 2016 and is now also available on FMTV VOD.

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The 4 Foundations Needed For Cultivating Your Best Epic Life

Sonia Doubell Feb 21, 2017

Your health is your soil! When your body is vibrant and filled with energy, your mind reflects its wellbeing, your thinking crystallizes and your …

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Active Living

Aging is a Spiritual Journey

Sonia Doubell Dec 30, 2016

The truth is, staying youthful as the years pass is a choice you make now. Not tomorrow, but right now. Whatever age you are, …

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