Are You Addicted
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One simple ingredient found in all these foods could be
ruining your health.

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21 Day Gluten-Free Challenge

You're sitting on the edge of your biggest transformation yet! This challenge is designed to help you eliminate the one food that is contributing to the breakdown of the gut wall, and could be contributing to autoimmune conditions, leaky gut and leaky brain, and more. I invite you to join this #getoffthegluten global movement, and start your own journey to greater health and wellbeing.

What's Included:

The Food Matters Get off the Gluten Challenge Program

Get Off the Gluten Challenge

  • Daily Recipes
  • Daily Health Inspiration & Tips
  • Private Facebook Group

Discover how eliminating gluten can improve your digestion, increase your energy, and transform your life. Receive daily emails from us, sharing our favorite gluten-free recipes and health tips to help you upgrade your eating habits. Get access to our Private Facebook Group to connect with other challengers on the same journey as you.

Valued at $197 - YOURS FREE

The Food Matters Get off the Gluten Challenge Program
Free E-Book Library

Free eBook Library

  • 21 Day Get off the Gluten Challenge Calendar
  • 10 Nourishing Recipes to Supercharge Your Health
  • 10 Juice Detox Recipes

Make grocery shopping easy with the Get off the Gluten Challenge Calendar! Look ahead to see the ingredients you'll need to make our suggested recipes across the 21 days. You'll also receive two bonus eBooks to add even more nourishing and detoxing recipes to your collection.


Free E-Book Library

Join the Food Matters FREE 21 Day Get off the Gluten Challenge Today!

In 7 days your digestion will improve.

In 14 days your energy will increase.

In 21 days you'll totally transform your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a meal plan program?

No. This guided program does not include meal plans. It is a 21 day challenge program designed to inspire you to #getoffthegluten, upgrade your habits, heal your digestion, and regain your health one meal at a time. Each day we'll share with you one health tip and one gluten-free recipe we know you're going to love!

If you are interested in a meal plan program, the Food Matters Clean Eating Program includes 21 days of recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists designed by our in-house nutritionists.

How do I access the free program?

When you fill out the form on this page. You will receive an email to set up your Food Matters account shortly.

Have more questions?

Reach out to our customer care team via Live Chat or Contact Us.

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