Bloating, weight gain, hair loss, hormone issues… here’s what to eat and what to avoid.


Think you're eating healthy? Go beyond paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and intermittent fasting, and learn how to use the real power of nutrition. Discover how to eat your medicine to heal your gut, eliminate bloating, skin issues and hair loss as I share seven nutrition principles in this free masterclass. Running for a limited time only.


What You’ll Learn in this 60-minute Audio Masterclass:

  1. The Power of Hydration.

    Discover the power of hydration when it comes to great-looking skin, digestion and gut health, energy levels, and mental focus.

  2. The Oils to Use & Which to Avoid at all Costs.

    Fat isn’t the enemy, and we need good fats for optimal brain health. I’ll share my favorite oils and the ones to avoid at all costs.

  3. The Issues with Modern Wheat, Plus Healthy Alternatives.

    We compare ancient grains to modern wheat and look at how it’s been genetically modified. Plus we'll explore the impacts of grains and gluten on gut health.

  4. The Devastating Impacts of Sugar and 3 of the Best Natural Alternatives.

    Understand how sugar has become one of today's most addictive substances, and how it is decreasing your longevity and suppressing your immune system.

  5. How to Choose and Cook Clean Protein Sources.

    Whether you include animal products in your diet or not, it's important to choose your protein carefully! Explore the best plant proteins and animal proteins for optimal health (get the low down on eggs and fish, too!)

  6. The Dangers of Dairy.

    Still drinking milk? Explore why this animal bi-product wasn’t created for humans and how it causes inflammation in the body. Plus, learn which dairy products are lower in lactose and might be tolerated on an irregular basis.

  7. The Secret to Building a Perfectly Balanced Meal.

    It’s all in the perfect combination of green vegetables, complex carbs, fats, and protein. Learn how to create the optimal meal or smoothie.

And much, much more.

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