Marie Forleo Turia Pitt Jerome Burne Dr. Bradley Nelson Nick Ortner David Wolfe Chris Wark Jim Kwik Dr. Josh Axe Stig Severinsen Dawson Church Vani Hari Dr. Mark Hyman Kris Carr Rich Roll Brendon Burchard Sean Stephenson Philip McKernan Michael Beckwith Dean Karnazes Kristina Karlsson Artie Wu Novak Djokovic Lewis Howes Dr. Bruce Lipton Douglas Rushkoff Charlotte Gerson Vishen Lakhiani Dr. Joe Dispenza Koya Webb John Robbins Daniel Vitalis Wim Hof Joe Cross Anthony William Jennifer Partridge Dr. Libby Weaver Nick Polizzi Jason Vale Mike Sherbakov Gabrielle Bernstein Jon Gabriel Dr. Tom O’Bryan Sir Ken Robinson Dr. Alejandro Junger Sadhvi Bhagawati Sonia Ricotti Kim Morrison Dr. Andrew Saul Ira Israel Shelly Lefkoe Dave Asprey

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Mark Hyman - TRANSCENDENCE Season 1, Episode 1

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From Monday, September 20 - Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Transcendence 1

Transcendence 1

In this 5-part series, you'll learn from world-class experts, athletes, and doctors to discover:

Which foods are at the root cause of auto-immune disease and which foods can help you heal.

How stress hormones inhibit the body's ability to use body fat as fuel effectively and what to do to stop this process.

How you can rewire your brain to alter limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Plus, learn how to reignite your purpose to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

5 Episodes / 4 hours 12 mins

Transcendence 2

Transcendence 2

Season 2 will help you to understand how powerful thoughts are, and how they shape your life, relationships, and the world around you, plus discover:

How to break the cycle of destructive habits, negative thinking, and limiting beliefs.

Support your immunity with herbs and medicinal plants.

How to heal emotional trauma and childhood conditioning to create more loving and meaningful relationships.

Techniques to manage and overcome depression, anxiety, and fear once and for all.

How to stop procrastination and start living a life aligned to your true purpose, without quitting your job.

5 Episodes / 4 hours 36 mins

Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change

This film exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss, and food industry don't want you to know about, plus you'll learn:

How to navigate the supermarket - what to buy and what to avoid.

The real truth behind food labeling - 'fat-free', 'diet', and 'low-fat'.

How to overcome food addictions and cravings.

The most effective detox and cleansing strategies.

How to eat for clear eyes, glowing skin and healthy hair, and more.

1 hour 29 mins

Food Matters

Food Matters

The Food Matters original film explores the current state of our health and the billion-dollar healthcare industry. In this film, you’ll discover:

How to use food as medicine to heal the body from chronic disease.

Whether or not supplements and vitamins work.

Why should you question where your food comes from and if it’s safe.

Natural therapy options for cancer, depression, anxiety, and more.

1 hour 20 mins

Learn from the Best to Become Your Best

Join 64 leading health & wellbeing experts in this free screening event to discover the secrets to getting your life and health back on track.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Mark Hyman
Charlotte Gerson
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Andrew Saul
Gabrielle Bernstein
David Wolfe
Dr. Alejandro Junger
Dr. Libby Weaver
Kris Carr
Daniel Vitalis
Dave Asprey
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Marie Forleo
Michael Beckwith
Vishen Lakhiani
Sir Ken Robinson
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Douglas Rushkoff
Kim Morrison
Jason Vale
Artie Wu
Brendon Burchard
Chris Wark
Dawson Church
Dean Karnazes
Jerome Burne
Jim Kwik
Joe Cross
John Robbins
Jon Gabriel
Koya Webb
Lewis Howes
Ira Israel
Novak Djokovic
Nick Polizzi
Rich Roll
Sadhvi Bhagawati
Sean Stephenson
Sonia Ricotti
Shelly Lefkoe
Stig Severinsen
Vani Hari
Wim Hof
Turia Pitt
Nick Ortner
Kristina Karlsson
Jennifer Partridge
Anthony William
Philip McKernan
Mike Sherbakov

Are You Looking to End 2021 Differently?

After interviewing 60+ of the most influential people in the health & wellness space, there’s one thing we all agree on - food matters. You are what you eat, and you are what you think. I’ve spent the past 15 years dedicating my life to tearing down the barriers between accessible nutrition and health information to share it with millions of people, just like you, from around the world.

There’s no greater asset than your health, and it’s critical that we take care of it. It’s never too late to transform your health and life. Start here with me today.

James Colquhoun

James Colquhoun

Founder of Food Matters & Filmmaker of Food Matters, Hungry for Change, and Transcendence Season 1 & 2.

James Colquhoun
James Colquhoun
Jerome Burne Chris Wark Dave Asprey Marie Forleo Kim Morrison Artie Wu Novak Djokovic Dr. Mark Hyman Ira Israel Jason Vale Nick Polizzi Mike Sherbakov Wim Hof Jon Gabriel Kris Carr Dr. Libby Weaver Charlotte Gerson Kristina Karlsson Dr. Josh Axe Jennifer Partridge Turia Pitt Vani Hari Dr. Alejandro Junger Sonia Ricotti Stig Severinsen Rich Roll Nick Ortner Jim Kwik Sadhvi Bhagawati Dr. Joe Dispenza David Wolfe Anthony William Sir Ken Robinson Sean Stephenson John Robbins Philip McKernan Daniel Vitalis Vishen Lakhiani Joe Cross Shelly Lefkoe Dr. Tom O’Bryan Lewis Howes Dawson Church Brendon Burchard Dr. Andrew Saul Dr. Bradley Nelson Gabrielle Bernstein Dean Karnazes Dr. Bruce Lipton Koya Webb Michael Beckwith Douglas Rushkoff

Uncover the Secrets to Good Health, Healing, and Longevity

Join Food Matters for the biggest free screening event of the year with 10 days access for 12 transformational films.

FREE & LIVE SEPTEMBER 20 - 30, 2021


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