At Food Matters our mission is to inspire people to live their healthiest life possible!

At Food Matters our mission is to inspire people to live their healthiest life possible!

As an international health & wellness company based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast our followers and customers are at the heart of our innovation. Each day we strive to share our mission with an ever growing audience through our films, streaming TV channel, online content, recipes, foods and guided video programs.

The Food Matters team (a.k.a. Team Amazing!) is at the core of everything we do. Together we strive to serve our global community on a higher level through online events, new products, innovative distribution, love-filled customer service and groundbreaking business systems!


1. Misson

We started Food Matters to change the world.

As a result, we devote our time and attention to continually answering our primary question "how can we help share this lifesaving message with more people?". If you're committed to service and working with a true sense of helping others then we would love to hear from you.

2. Culture

We love cultured veggies and working with some of the best minds in the business.

We understand that “A” people attract “A” people. We recruit people who are not just brilliant, but people who are talented, driven, positive and live life with a purpose. Get in, and you’ll be surrounded with friends, peers and a network that will help you move your life to a whole new level.

3. Space

Be inspired daily in the Food Matters HQ.

We believe in designing offices that inspire people to be creative, to live and work happy, and to feel really valued as part of the team. A great workspace inspires great work.

4. Growth

We're committed to breaking the rules, reaching beyond the possible and coming up with innovative ideas that have never before been seen.

Being a part of the team means you're automatically part of the process! You even get access to a massive library of films, books and expert interviews! We’re an education company and we live and breathe learning.

5. Secret parties and getaways!

Someone in the office really loves surprises and is committed to hosting multiple events sure to surprise you each year!

From private yacht charters to beachside villas, secret limo adventures, it's all part of the "play hard relax hard" motto. Inclusion is compulsory so you better like surprises!


Our internship program is not about photocopying towers of paperwork and doing coffee runs (although some of the team can certainly be wooed with caffeine.) Our internship program is about challenging you to think outside the box, hit the ground running and start seeing projects come to life.

An internship at Food Matters is for you if:

  • You’re passionate about health & wellness
  • You love working in an open & a close-knit team
  • The thought of diving deep into a project excites you
  • You know the difference between cacao and cocoa. (Just kidding, we can teach you that!)