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Best Foods to Prevent Memory Loss and Early Dementia

7.5K Views Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 26, 2020

Throughout my nutrition studies and time in the industry, I’ve truly come to appreciate food’s remarkable ability to treat and heal different conditions. An ...

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Rediscovering Ancestral Nutrition for Ultimate Health

146 Views James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 22, 2020

Many of us are armed with the knowledge of holistic health and nutrition, but we’re unsure where to go from there. But the next ...

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Natural Therapies

How Your Hormones Affect Your Whole Body (& What To Do About It)

430 Views James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 20, 2020

We’ve been conditioned to think that hormones are this awkward byproduct of puberty, that causes voices to break and acne to crop up at ...

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Healthy Home

7 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

30K Views James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means good food and happy times. Don't want to over-indulge though? Here's how to keep it healthy in seven simple ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Nutrition

308 Views Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 18, 2020

Have you been reflecting on your journey this year? Perhaps you’re looking to change the path you’re on, or maybe you want to take ...

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Introducing Our Facebook Live Nutrition Series

281 Views The Food Matters Team The Food Matters Team Nov 11, 2020

At Food Matters, education has always been at the heart of all that we do. Even in our earliest days, we saw that there ...

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9 Foods to Fight Election Stress

123K Views Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 05, 2020

Instead of reaching for an overprocessed “comfort food” that only leaves you feeling worse, try snacking on these tasty treats that are proven to ...

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One Naturopath's Top 5 Underrated Superfoods

2.1K Views Emalyse Cosh Emalyse Cosh Nov 02, 2020

Superfoods can be lurking in the most unexpected places and believe it or not, you don’t need to hand over wads of cash to ...

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