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Why Is There Plastic In Our Teabags?

14K Views Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Oct 21, 2020

There’s something special about sitting down with a hot cup of tea. It might be the moment of silence and bliss I get in ...

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What These 7 Food Cravings Say About Your Health

2.9K Views Nicole Cieslak Nicole Cieslak Oct 17, 2020

We’ve all had a hankering for a specific food before. But before you just simply give into temptation and eat that chocolate, first use ...

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9 Bad Skin Habits You Should Quit Now For Amazing Skin

90K Views Annmarie Skin Care Annmarie Skin Care Oct 14, 2020

We’re divulging some of our skin tips that might just help you achieve your best skin ever! It’s not so much a to-do list, ...

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Laurentine’s Everyday Routine for Beautiful, Radiant Skin

2.1K Views Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Oct 14, 2020

Many people think the key to beautiful skin is what you’re putting on it. And they’re right, to a degree, but there are a ...

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Top 5 Things to Avoid in Your Skin Care Routine

4.7K Views Annmarie Skin Care Annmarie Skin Care Oct 07, 2020

What's the best skin care routine? In this post, we’re going to focus on those steps you should let go, and right now. Maybe ...

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3 of the Best Gluten-Free Flours to Use

15K Views James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Sep 30, 2020

It’s estimated that 1% of the global population has celiac disease, with another 7% having some form of gluten sensitivity. And this number is ...

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6 Surprising Uses of Banana Peels

4.4K Views Tess Patrick Tess Patrick Sep 30, 2020

Bananas are a beautifully versatile fruit; we love them in our smoothies (or decorating on top), as an afternoon pick-me-up snack, and in delicious ...

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I Stopped Eating Gluten, Dairy & Sugar for 21 Days - Here's What Happened

13K Views Tess Patrick Tess Patrick Sep 23, 2020

I like to think I lead a relatively healthy, balanced lifestyle. I drink my superfood greens in the morning and eat organic vegetables throughout ...

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