Support Groups



CANHELP is an independent organization that provides support and hope for cancer patients and information on alternative treatment options.

Yes To Life

Based in the United Kingdom, Yes To Life is a charity that works to promote and provide integrative treatment to cancer patients. They also have a help center to provide information on orthodox and alternative treatment options.

Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Treatment (F.A.C.T.)

F.A.C.T. is a non-profit organization dedicated to safe and appropriate cancer treatment. F.A.C.T. also sponsored the educational documentary ‘Rethinking Cancer’, which investigates cancer recovery through biological therapies.

Gerson Support Group

This volunteer service provides a helpline and support to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Breast Cancer Choices

Breast Cancer Choices is a non-profit organization designed to inform people about safe treatments for breast cancer. They also have an email discussion support group.

Heart Disease


Heart2hearts is an online support network for people affected by heart disease.

Cure Zone

This website contains discussion and support forums on a wide range of diseases.

Depression and Mental Health

Yes To Life

Yes To Life is an organization that can provide informative and supportive resources if you, or your loved ones, are suffering from depression or anxiety.

Daily Strength

Daily Strength provides online support groups and treatment information for many diseases.


MINDD is an information and support service offering alternative care for people suffering from mental illness and depression. We offer real solutions for the whole family by combining diet, nutrient therapy, structural support and energy medicine to alleviate depression for ever.


Support4hope is a family-friendly supportive forum for discussion on a range of mental health issues.

The Joy Project – Amanda Gore
The Joy Project is a web platform created to find and share joyful ideas, stories and videos that serve as inspiration to everyone.
It’s a place to ‘get happy', eradicate fear and find your inner joy .



Men And Diabetes (M.A.D.) group This is an email-linked support group for men with diabetes who wish to communicate their personal experiences and knowledge about this disease.

South Sefton Diabetes Group

South Sefton Diabetes Group is a charity organization in the United Kingdom that arranges social occasions for people with diabetes to meet.