10 Of The Most Watched Documentaries On FMTV


The FMTV has spoken... Or should we say, watched!

There’s nothing quite like the power of a good documentary to open your eyes to new ways of thinking, eating and looking after your body. Not sure where to start? These are 10 of the most watched documentaries inside FMTV so why not start here: 

1. Jason Vale’s ‘Super Juice Me’

8 people… 22 diseases… 28 days… 1 answer? Could these different diseases with their many different prescribed drugs be improved and even cured by one thing? It’s time to get Super Juiced! Watch on FMTV now! 

2. E-Motion 

Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us. That’s the world we live in. E-Motion is a factual, feature-length documentary set to change the way humanity thinks about the physical symptoms of disease. Watch now on FMTV!


3. Heal Yourself 

Join Howard Straus (author, scientist, son of Charlotte Gerson and grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) for an in-depth examination of the Gerson Therapy, how it works, the science behind it, and why it works. Watch now on FMTV!


4. Food Matters

Food Matters features interviews with leading health experts who reveal the best natural healing choices you can make for you and your family's health. In the film you'll discover what works, what doesn't and what's potentially killing you when it comes to your health. Watch now on FMTV!


5. The Healing Effect 

The Healing Effect Movie is a documentary about the healing power of food. Featuring best-selling authors and experts from around the world like John Robbins, Joel Fuhrman, Daphne Miller, David Wolfe, Charlotte Gerson, John McDougall, Philip McCluskey, John Bagnulo and many more. Watch now on FMTV!


6. Overfed & Undernourished 

Examine the global epidemic and our modern lifestyles through one boy’s inspiring journey to regain his health. The film forces us to ask the fundamental question, 'are we really nourishing ourselves?' Watch now on FMTV!


7. Finding Joe 

Finding Joe is an inspiring film about living your purpose, discovering your true self and seeing new possibilities for your life. Learn how to 'follow your bliss'. Watch now on FMTV!


8. Carb Loaded 

Ever wondered why healthy people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Writer and director, Lathe Poland sought out to find exactly why he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Lathe didn't fit the classic picture of an adult onset diabetes sufferer and it just didn't make any sense. He quickly learned that much of what he knew about healthy eating was based on myths or fifty year old science. In this film he searches to find out why Americas modern food culture is killing us. Watch now on FMTV! 


9. Dr. Wayne Dyer - The Shift

From the creators of You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie comes a compelling portrait of three modern lives in need of new direction and new meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society which promotes an emphasis on achievement and accumulation - are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Watch now on FMTV! 


10. Dr. Furhams ‘Eating Like A Nutritarian’

This film introduces you to the building blocks of eating like a nutritarian - someone who naturally prefers the most nutritious foods for the body. This is not a diet, it's a proven plan for health and vitality. You will learn how to properly nourish your body so that it stays lean, fit and vibrantly healthy! Watch now on FMTV! 

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