4 Funny Reasons People Hate Juicing

We all know how amazing good ol' green juice is for our health… It’s a big part of what we talk about in Food Matters and Hungry For Change. It’s nature’s liquid multivitamin. But I bet we can all agree on some of the funny reasons why we sometimes just can’t stand juicing! Luckily, there are solutions to these problems.

By far the biggest one is…

Problem 1. Cleaning The Juicer After Leaving It For Too Long

We all pretend to love it for the sake of juicing, but sometimes it just really gets you down! You know those times when you have to change scrubbers and rely on an ultra small hard bristled toothbrush that might as well be made for a dollhouse! Not to mention the serious elbow grease you need to put into scrubbing the juicer after you have left it for too long, you feel like you’ve just completed a crossfit session… that’s when it hits you…


One of the biggest tips from one of the world’s super juicers Jason Vale (the Juice Master), is to “wash your juicer before you drink your juice”. Picture this being said in a British accent “it’s a bloody good idea…”

As much as you want to sit down and enjoy that juicy goodness you have just put love into creating, take a moment to quickly give the juicer a quick wash. Otherwise washing your juicer can be like trying to scrape gum from the sidewalk! It’s painful!

Problem 2. It Takes Too Long

Since having a baby, time is scarce and juicing, it takes TIME… While looking at the juicer on your kitchen bench, that little voice on your shoulder might be whispering “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.


Tell that little voice to pipe down! Time is the most important investment you can make in your health… juicing, walking, gardening, breathing, doing yoga, meditating and eating real food. It all takes time, but “good” time! The benefits definitely outweigh the time.

Problem 3. Wasted Pulp

All of the juice crusaders that chuck the pulp from your juice, that's kind of selfish and if your excuse for not juicing is that you hate to see produce go to waste, fear not, we have solutions for both of you!


You’ve probably heard hundreds of times ‘make veggie patties’. It’s the catch-cry of the modern juicer, but it’s true, they make delicious bases for vegetable patties! Don’t think you could eat the piles of veggie patties your juicing creates?
No problem! There are heaps of other creative uses for juice pulp. One of my favorite things to use juice pulp for is compost. It’s not only awesome, but it helps nourish the vegetable garden to produce more vegetables and herbs. Why shouldn’t our vegetable patch be treated to some of the nourishing goodness our juice produces!

Problem 4. Ingredients Mistakes

It’s happened to all of us… You say to yourself “let’s just add a bit of ginger” and next thing you know you’re breathing ginger fire breath for minutes on end, crying tears of discomfort, yet you keep drinking it hoping that another sip will put the fire out. And you know things are really going bad when someone suggests just a touch of garlic!


There are no mistakes when it comes to adding ingredients to your juices! They’re all just super powerful food tonics you’ve probably not consumed a lot of in their raw form. Sure, some may not taste as good mixed together (e.g. strawberries and garlic) but that doesn’t mean their health properties aren’t doing wonders for your insides. Don’t be scared to be adventurous in the juicing world and try new combinations! You’ll surprise yourself with some exciting new juice recipes. 

What about juicing alternatives?

Want all the benefits of green juice but just don't have the time to make it or clean the juicer? We recommend good quality green juice powders which you can buy in most health food stores. Just check it's a juice power and not just dried grass. 

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