5 Simple Habits For A Healthier You


We all want to be happy and healthy. Isn’t that why we’re here?   

It’s so easy for life and the ‘busy’ trap to get in the way of happiness. There is so much going on at all times, even when we give ourselves a day to chill we usually end up cleaning the house, organizing our wardrobe or finding time to stay busy so we don’t waste precious time.   

My strategy in creating a happier and healthier life is not extreme. I prefer the more gentle, relaxed way of transforming my life and environment around me. Time brings great transformation and rush creates unsustainable quick fixes. I prefer the ease of doing it slowly. Tweet - Time brings great transformation and rush creates unsustainable quick fixes.

With this in mind - the concept that small adjustments create lasting habits - I’ve put together a little ‘wellbeing plan’ for you to tackle this month. It’s nothing you can fail at or feel like you can’t handle; just simple positive tweaks to bring you to your organically best self.   

Just try one or two of these at a time and see how you feel: 

1. Start Your Day In Full Zen Mode

The rush of a sleep-in time crush or the piercing alarm waking you from a deep sleep is hardly a way to start a peaceful and productive day.

Start as you wish to go on. Wake in good time as your body naturally wants you to. Swing your legs slowly over the side of the bed and take 30 seconds to stretch your arms over your head and lengthen your torso from side to side. Bring your head to your knees and enjoy the feeling of your back stretching out after a blissful night's rest. Take a few deep, full breaths and enjoy this feeling.

If you’re having trouble waking up, then...

2. Go Back To Sleep Basics

There are proven strategies to help you sleep better. No screens an hour before bed. Discontinue eating and exercise three hours before your head hits the pillow. Meditation. Keep your room cool. Cut back on the late night fluids so you’re not up all night emptying your bladder.

The real trick is to find what works for YOU. A little yoga routine next to your bed before you hop in can work wonders. If you find your heart is racing from watching the latest reality TV episode or a suspenseful movie, leave those for the weekend or your day off work. Try reading, having a bath and be sure to create a routine before bed to let your body know that it’s heading into sleepy town soon.

3. Get All The Goodness In The AM

I know what it’s like to have full days. At my busiest, I coach from 8:00am until 3:30pm non stop, pick up Bo from kindy, get home to cook dinner and have some cuddles then go back to my office to coach from 5:30 until 8:00pm. Every now and then, I run out of food at home and have nothing for lunch. So every single day, I make sure that what I eat for breakfast has enough goodness and nutrients to keep me going for the day. If I only have ten minutes to eat something at lunch, I know that I’ve filled my body with the goodness it needs at breakfast to keep me going on a smaller lunch.

Make it a habit to get the most nutrient dense breakfast in if you know that your day is going to be crazy. That way you won’t be reaching for something processed to get you through the afternoon.

4. Reintroduce Yourself To Your Kitchen

If you want my number one tip to being your happiest and healthiest this year, it’s get to know your kitchen.

When you cook at home and create the dishes that will nourish you, you know exactly what is going into everything you eat. On top of that, cooking with seasonal and fresh foods will mean that you’re inducing bioavailable, life-giving nutrients with each meal.

At home, you can be the boss of what goes into your food. No over salting, hidden sugars or rancid fats. It brings the control and the health back into your daily eats.

5. Slow Down For 5 Minutes Per Day

Preferably ten minutes, but I understand that for the typical rushing mama, that’s a little daunting. Schedule in 5 minutes per day, every single day, to take some time to breath, center yourself and find your peace.

You don’t need to meditate for hours every day, and many of us claim to not have time to meditate for even 20 minutes once a day. But if you honestly cannot find 5 minutes in your day to stop, shut your eyes and slow down, I urge you to reassess your current routine. Maybe even reach out for help from a health coach. Everyone deserves a little down time to recharge every day.

What Steps Have You Taken To Achieve A Healthier Life? Share Your Tips In The Comments Below!

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