5 Ways To Naturally Add Flavor To Your Food

Dr. Libby Weaver DR. LIBBY WEAVER

One of the biggest reservations I hear when people are transitioning to eating more real food is the perception that they will have to sacrifice taste. This most certainly doesn’t have to be the case at all and there are many quick little tweaks you can make to add flavour to your food.

1. Add Fresh Chilli Or Spice

If you’re not great with hot food, start out slow and remove the seeds of the chilli to reduce the hotness. Fresh chilli is particularly delicious in Asian-inspired dishes.

2. Use Good Quality Oil

Good quality olive oil is one of the most versatile additions to any kitchen and is particularly handy when making homemade dressings. Coconut or avocado are also good options for cooking – and they make a difference to the flavour of your food.

3. Use Fresh Herbs And Lemon

Add a delicious freshness and nutrient boost to your food by adding fresh parsley, coriander or basil and lemon. The bonus is they pair with just about everything from Asian cuisine to summery salads and even soups. Your body will love you for adding this combo to your meals!

4. Toast And Grind Your Own Spices

Toasting the spices in a dry skillet before grinding strengthens their flavour even further and gives them a nutty and earthy aroma – perfect as the base to a delicious Indian curry or dhal.

5. Use Organic/Market Fresh Produce

This is an easy way to increase the flavour of your food – produce just tastes better when it has been ripened by the sun and then picked/cut. There is a huge difference in the nutrient profile too, as the longer produce sits in the cold store, the fewer nutrients it will contain when it finally reaches your plate. Buy local, shop at farmers markets whenever possible, you can taste the difference!


What Are Your Tips to Naturally Add Flavour Your Food?