How to Avoid Toxic Heavy Metals Found In Most Lipstick Brands

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Most of us ladies have our favorite go-to lipstick. I know I have mine.

It’s so easy to reach for these products and assume they are harmless, right? It’s only lipstick after all. And you only use such a small amount! Right??


Unfortunately, just like many other products floating around in our makeup bag or beauty cupboard, they can be jam-packed full of not-so-pretty ingredients.

Although the actual amount of lipstick a woman consumes in her lifetime is unknown, there are rumors that claim we can consume up to 7 pounds of lipstick in our life!

Did you know that in recent years, there have been countless incidents of heavy metals detected in popular lipstick brands?

The University of California, Berkeley, conducted a study that found 32 brands of mainstream lipstick products contained trace amounts of lead, aluminum, chromium, mercury and arsenic.

Although these amounts were small, and the lipstick companies deemed these levels safe for human consumption, we wonder what a buildup of these heavy metals could do to our bodies over a lifetime of use.

The scarier thing is, companies who label their lipstick as “lead-free” can even get away with trace amounts of lead! Tweet - Companies who label their lipstick as “lead-free” can even get away with trace amounts of lead!

Heavy metals have also been detected in a wide range of personal care products including whitening toothpaste, nail polish and eyeliner.

How Do I Know If My Lipstick Contains Toxic Ingredients?

If you’re wary of the ingredients that might be hidden in your lipstick, keep a close eye out for the following ingredients: Lead acetate, chromium, thimerosal, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, sodium hexametaphosphate.

It is also important to note that not all ingredients containing heavy metals need to be listed on the product.

Are There Any Other Ingredients That I Should Look Out For?

Many lipsticks contain both synthetic and petroleum waxes which are known for causing allergic reactions.

Other ingredients to steer clear of are:

  • Artificial colors (often containing lead)
  • Phthalates (colorless oily liquid) that gives lipstick a slippery feel
  • Mineral oils (often derived from petroleum)
  • Artificial fragrances (often derived from petrochemicals)

So What Exactly Are Heavy Metals And Why Should I Avoid Them?

A heavy metal is described as a metallic element which is toxic to the human body and has a high density, specific gravity or atomic weight. Heavy metal buildup in the body has been linked to a range of health concerns including toxicity of the reproductive, immune and nervous system. These chemicals pose an even greater threat to vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, young children and adolescents.

How To Avoid Toxic Lipsticks

Despite the amount of light that has been shed on this issue, heavy metals such as lead are still commonly detected in many makeup products.

It can be difficult to avoid products containing heavy metals due to the fact that this isn’t something mentioned on labels and small amounts of toxic ingredients don’t necessarily always need labelling.

The best way to avoid exposing yourself to heavy metals in products such as lipstick is to wear it only on special occassions, or only wear lipstick brands that you know have strong values regarding toxic chemicals. Check out this website to find what ingredients are in the lipstick that you wear.

Find out what my favorite lipstick is by clicking here!

How do You Ensure Your Cosmetics Are Safe? Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!

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