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Laurentine ten Bosch, filmmaker of Food Matters, Hungry For Change and TRANSCENDENCE - Live Life Beyond The Ordinary and founder of FMTV. Along with James Colquhoun, Laurentine founded Food Matters, giving people the tools (films, books, website, TV) to take charge of their own health. Food Matters is an internationally acclaimed widely popular documentary about the medical and healthcare industries. Their latest documentary, Hungry For Change, reveals how the diet and processed food industries are the enemies of permanent weight loss, vibrant health, and natural living. From here, FMTV was born! A place where we can access vital information by watching all of your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews & recipe videos in one place.

My Articles

Health Tips

Best Foods to Prevent Memory Loss and Early Dementia

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 26, 2020

Throughout my nutrition studies and time in the industry, I’ve truly come to appreciate food’s remarkable ability to treat and heal different conditions. An ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Nutrition

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 18, 2020

Have you been reflecting on your journey this year? Perhaps you’re looking to change the path you’re on, or maybe you want to take ...

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9 Foods to Fight Election Stress

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 05, 2020

Instead of reaching for an overprocessed “comfort food” that only leaves you feeling worse, try snacking on these tasty treats that are proven to ...

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Health Hazards

Why Is There Plastic In Our Teabags?

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Oct 21, 2020

There’s something special about sitting down with a hot cup of tea. It might be the moment of silence and bliss I get in ...

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Laurentine’s Everyday Routine for Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Oct 14, 2020

Many people think the key to beautiful skin is what you’re putting on it. And they’re right, to a degree, but there are a ...

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Health Hazards

The Link Between Processed Foods and Cancer

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Aug 31, 2020

Emerging research has resurfaced from the international peer-reviewed medical journal, The BMJ, and has found a strong correlation between the consumption of ultra-processed foods ...

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Natural Therapies

12 Natural Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Aug 19, 2020

Radiant, wrinkle-free skin is on everyone’s wishlist, but do you need to spend thousands of dollars a year on expensive treatments to achieve this? ...

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10 Of The Best Greens To Eat

Laurentine ten Bosch Laurentine ten Bosch Aug 12, 2020

Leafy green vegetables are truly nutritional superstars, offering whole-of-body benefits to cleanse, nourish and supercharge your health. From kale to spinach, and all the ...

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