Create Your Own Vision Board

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Have you ever wanted to create your own vision board, but you weren't sure how?

What goes on it? Is it inspirational, motivational, or just a collection of things you love?

Have all your questions answered and create your very own vision board with me, right here!

James and I truly believe in the power of manifestation. Creating your own vision board to guide you to your goals is one of the greatest ways you can turn your dreams and aspirations into reality - it's almost spooky the number of times we've placed a goal on our vision board and seen it come to life.

So we encourage you to give this new year the healthiest start possible and create your very own vision board today!

Remember, the most important element of life visioning is not to focus on what you WANT because the universe will respond with more WANTING and not ACHIEVING. The quickest path to moving past this is to focus on the FEELING of already achieving or experiencing your goals. This might feel strange however given what we now know about quantum physics and the energetic nature of reality this is the surest path to manifestation that matches modern science.

For example, if you WANT a family home, focus not on WANTING but on FEELING what it would already be like to live in this home. What sounds will you hear? (dogs, kids, family) What emotions will you experience? (happiness, containment relaxation) What would it feel like for you to walk through the front door for the first time? (excitement, elation, gratitude. Then represent both the physical elements of that house on your vision board (photos of houses you love) and the feeling of being in that house.

Rock on!

Laurentine xo