Guided Tapping Meditation for Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Even in the best of times meditation can feel daunting. You might think you can’t possibly shut down your thoughts, that you don’t have enough time to practice, or that your fear is too strong to even sit still. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been meditating for years or are a complete beginner. This simple practice is here to help you with this.

This practice engages the power of tapping, a simple technique that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, limiting beliefs, and even feelings of physical pain in moments. But you truly have to experience it to believe it.

If you want to learn more about Tapping, or how to do it yourself, our staff writer Tess chronicled her first-time experience - and it's pretty amazing! Read about it here.

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