15 Vegan Breakfasts To Start Your Day!

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

To Satisfy A Sweet Tooth…

Do you like to start your day with something scrumptiously sweet? These dishes are naturally sweetened and deceptively healthy… (Dessert at breakfast? Yes, please!)

Walnut Brownie Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast doesn’t get much better than this if you like to start your day on a sweet note! Picture rich velvety cacao with chewy walnut surprises… You’ll be bouncing off the ceiling with antioxidant-awesomeness before your glass is even empty.

Cinnamon Apple Granola

This granola has three keynote flavors that will dance across your tastebuds! Mellow maple, fruity apple and warming cinnamon are the stars of this dish. You can also use this granola as a topper for smoothies, vegan ice creams, coconut yoghurt, muffins and even fruit-based loaves.

Powerhouse Overnight Oats

Oats are one of the ultimate healthy comfort foods. Typically eaten throughout the cooler months, oats are warming, nourishing and deeply satisfying. Although this breakfast is soaked in advance and can be eaten cold, I also love it gently heated with a splash of fresh berries.

Layered Millet Porridge

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, so why not try this creamy millet porridge in exchange for traditional oats? TIP: Soak millet overnight before cooking and add in few nuts for a delightful crunch and extra hit of protein!

When You’re More In A Savory Kind Of Mood...

Have you ever felt dismayed by the lack of savory vegan options on restaurant breakfast menus? Eggs, meat and bacon tend to steal the show when it comes to a savory breakfast, which leaves little choice if you’re looking for a vegan alternative. Thankfully, here’s some sensational recipes to satisfy the savory side of culinary life.

Smashed Avo With Quinoa & Sauteed Greens

Feast your eyes - AND belly - on this bowl of super-powered nutrition.. If you’re somebody with a high appetite or struggle to make it through the morning without snacking, you simply must try this fiber and protein-packed dish! (If you want to really rev up the flavor, simply add a dash of dukkah!)

Rosemary & Thyme Gluten Free Bread

Reported to enhance memory and mental concentration, rosemary adds a mediterranean twist to any bread recipe. You can serve this bread lightly toasted with a little homemade hummus (for some extra protein) and grilled peppers… SO delicious, and so good for you!

‘Cheesy’ Leek Broccoli Tartlets

This is a vegan take on the frittatas that are so beloved by many for breakfast. These tartlets are a heartier option that is best suited to serving as a ‘brunch’ style of meal… Totally delicious and handy for when you do feel like joining the savory breakfast crowd.

The Super Quick ‘N’ Easy

No matter how organised we try to be, some mornings we hit snooze a couple of extra times or just can’t seem to keep up with the clock! These breakfasts are perfect for when you’re in a hurry and save you sacrificing your health to make it out the door on time.

Very Berry Shake

Treat your body to a super hit of anti-aging antioxidants and vitality-boosting vitamins with this quick smoothie! With only four ingredients (you even can omit the ice if desired), breakfast doesn’t get much easier than this!

Green Energy Booster Smoothie

No recipe repertoire is complete without a good green smoothie recipe, as they are supremely nutritious but take next to no time to prepare. TIP: throw a small handful of nuts or chia seeds into this recipe to balance it with some healthy fats and high-quality protein.

3-Ingredient Energy Bars

One of the best ways to ensure you start the day on a nutritious note is to have some ‘back-up’ on hand. This easy 3-ingredient slice freezes well and makes an easy grab-and-go for those mornings when you’re on the run.

Vegan Banana Bread

This recipe is a super delicious twist on a classic breakfast recipe that everybody loves… And it tastes just as good - if not better - than the real thing! Make this easy loaf in advance and have slices on hand to start the day in a vibrant way.

The Protein Powerhouse Options

Whilst it is possible to get adequate protein from a vegan diet, it usually requires little more dietary care to do so. These recipes are brimming with essential amino acids to power up your protein intake, assist with muscle repair and keep you satisfyingly full until lunch time.

No-Bake Protein Bars

When you pick up a typical commercial ‘protein’ or ‘diet bar’, do you see ingredients that you recognize? Or do you read a long list of chemical names and numbers that you’d need a Food Science degree to decipher? This protein bar is vegan and contains only Mother Nature’s finest ingredients - nothing processed or nasty for your body in here!

Chia 3 Ways!

1. Chia Pudding With Granola and Mixed Berries
Containing a rich source of essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, chia is a wonderful addition to any vegan diet. These beautiful little puddings can be easily made in advance and stored in glass jars to enjoy a fuss-free, nutritious start to your day.

2. Vanilla Rosewater Chia Seed Pudding
Rosewater is typically used in turkish delight but it’s a match made in heaven with a vanilla chia pudding base! Skip the compote if you’re running short on time and serve with fresh fruit and a dash of coconut yoghurt instead.

3. Vanilla Bean Chia Porridge With Sauteed Caramel Pears
This is one recipe that is destined to impress! These lovely sauteed pears offer a good source of fiber and carbohydrate to complement the chia’s protein. Creamy sweet caramel and silky vanilla pudding… What more could we want?

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