Dr Christiane Northrup’s Natural Alternatives For Anti-Aging


The idea of aging can be quite daunting for some people. We might ask ourselves “how can someone become an 'ageless goddess”?

Getting older is designed to be an opportunity to increase your value and competence. As for musicians and many artists, that is precisely what happens. These creative individuals are involved in timeless endeavors that connect them with their souls— their source energy— which is also immortal and ageless.

We learn from our families and cultures how to move through time, what to expect, and it is the beliefs we’ve inherited about what growing older means that are the entire reason that this process is daunting.

We shame people after so-called middle age— especially women— saying things like “a woman of a certain age”. The very first thing to do is realize that these beliefs, though common and rampant, are just beliefs. They have nothing to do with what our biology is capable of.

We all know 70 year olds who are more vital than a lot of 40 year olds. We also know of 25 year olds going on 70 in terms of their decreased optimism and enthusiasm. I call this premature world weariness.

We Must Identify Our ‘Cultural Portals” Which Are Agreed Upon Milestones And Examine What These Mean To Us. Let’s Take “Retirement Age”...

This was set in 1880 by Otto Von Bismarck in Germany. The meaning of retirement for many is “end of useful living and contribution”.

In medicine, we tell people they need their first screening colonoscopy at age 50— as though suddenly at age 50 their colon is at risk. We identify 50 as the portal where people suddenly identify as entering “the beginning of inevitable chronic degenerative disease”.

Hence gerontology is the study of the pathology of aging. When you study healthy centenarians from all over the world, you don’t find that they share any of the characteristics of most people. Only 20% of what happens to us as we grow older is genetic.

Beliefs are far more powerful. The first step is to change your beliefs and your language. Start looking for role models who defy what the culture hands to us.

The visible side effects of aging can see women spending thousands of dollars a year on beauty products.

Attitude is so important. Thinking of yourself as an immortal goddess is the first thing you can do.

Here’s An Exercise For You To Practice At Home. Have A Full Length Mirror Ready And A Candle

  • Light the candle in a dark room 
  • Now gaze at the parts of your body that look lovely in candlelight
  • The more your can appreciate these, the more your skin will glow 
  • The more you will begin to like what you see 

It is also important to actually support your body hormonally and nutritionally. Those with vitamin D levels in the optimal range (40-80ng/ml) have half the risk of heart disease, MS, breast cancer and bowel cancer as those with suboptimal levels.

We’ve all been talked out of sun exposure because of skin cancer. However, 100 times more people die of heart disease than skin cancer every year.

When enjoying regular sun exposure to maintain the health of your body and your bones, it is also paramount that you keep your face covered and use adequate UV protection.

I Formulated A Particular Supplement Using The Herb Pueraria Mirifica (Thai For Miracle Herb) That Has Been Used For 700 Years In Thailand As A “Fountain Of Youth”

This herb contains a very potent phytoestrogen that keeps the skin and all estrogen sensitive organs youthful, moist and resilient.

For men, it protects the prostate. Since the herb acts like a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), it sits on the Beta estrogen receptor and protects the breast and uterus (or prostate) from overstimulation from mammalian estrogen. I find this particular supplement (or other phytoestrogens found in food) very helpful for giving the body a substrate to help with hormonal balance and health naturally.

It is also important to be regularly moving your body. Dr Joan Vernikos, the former Chief of Life Sciences at NASA, discovered that weightlessness in space is a model for aging. When astronauts come back from space, their bone density, cardiac output, pulmonary capacity and balance all deteriorate. It turns out a little time in gravity restores people to health. It also turns out that sitting and not moving through gravity mimics weightlessness. This therefore symbolizes a cause of aging and deterioration.

Vernikos book ‘Sitting Kills, Moving Heals’ pretty much sums up the fact that we need to move regularly. Sitting is the new smoking.

Here are some anti-aging rituals you can implement in your own life

  1. Begin each day by aligning with source energy (GOD as you understand him/her). Say something uplifting such as “Today I align with the Divine Light of the Universe. I ask this force to work through me for the manifestation of my highest and best expression and that of everyone else”. 
  2. Breathe fully and regularly. Holding your breath or breathing only through your nose are stress reactions. They signal your body to go into “fight or flight” mode. They create excess stress hormones which leads to cellular inflammation. Tip: put regular sticky notes on your mirror, on your fridge, on your phone, on your car dashboard— that say BREATHE. Then take five deep breaths through your nose and out through your nose. This will instantly engage your “rest and restore” central nervous system and bring you back to center. 
  3. Look for things to appreciate. At the beginning of this year I was inspired to begin a practice called 365 Grateful. I decided to make one instagram video per day to share with my community. At first I was worried that I’d run out of things to be grateful for. As this practice has continued (as I write this I’m on day 139), I have found that it has changed my perception. Now as I go through my day, I’m actually looking for all the things that bring me joy and gratitude. How my cat looks when he sleeps, the tulips in my garden, the way the leaves come out in the spring with that amazing spring green color. We know that gratitude and kindness actually help metabolize stress hormones in the body and also change the shape of blood vessels. We increase the uber neurotransmitter known as nitric oxide. There are so many benefits and better yet, it costs nothing.
  4. Sleep. A solid 8 hours per night is a beauty regimen beyond compare. Sleeping well and waking up rested is the most powerful way in the world to digest excess stress hormones— which are the root cause of all chronic degenerative disease. 
  5. Women all over the world dread menopause. Menopause is the beginning of a life led by your soul— not the dictator of your tribe or family. Interestingly, in both men and women, age 42 is the Uranus Opposition in astrology. Uranus is the great awakener.

This time signifies a wake up call when you finally wake up from the “family trance” and finally begin to live life on your own terms. If you don’t, then the likelihood of illness increases dramatically. We call this the “midlife crisis” but it’s really just your own soul knocking on the door of your ego saying “ WAKE UP”— don’t stay asleep. Life could be way more fun and interesting than it is now if you would just dare to take a risk!!

So— in women, this time frame is associated with starting to skip periods— the hormonal result is that areas of the brain associated with old memories (the amygdala and basal forebrain) begin to be stimulated. So many women remember experiences of the past. This is all part of the healing which is necessary to move forward. If you have been “asleep at the wheel” and just blame your symptoms on hormones, then you lose a hugh opportunity to re-invent yourself and truly flourish.

Our Society Has Brainwashed Us Into Thinking That Menopause Is The Beginning Of The End

However, in truth, it’s a new beginning. The Chinese call age 60, the second spring. The springtime of the second half of your life.

Now— if you add this to the cultural portal information and learn how to reverse the deterioration process then you really have the means to create a new life. By the age of 42 or so, you’ve got some real skills on board that you simply didn’t have earlier.

This biologically encoded opportunity for change and growth is the basis for my book “The Wisdom of Menopause”.

Remember, everything is going to work out better than you ever dreamed. In the years to come, you will see that every trial, sorrow and obstacle was all designed for your benefit. You will be so happy and proud of yourself. You will be elated with how your life has turned out. Just take one step and then the next. Follow your heart. You actually can’t make a mistake.

What Steps To Do Take To Age Gracefully?

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