Foods For A Healthy Cycle


WELL, THAT’S CONVENIENT. According to holistic wellness coach, Nicole Granato, these following three crave-able eats are doing our bodies good at that taxing time of month. Chances are most of us need more healthy fat in our diets in general – and let’s be real, an avocado fudge-pop seems like something we might be able to manage to get a hold of our hormones. Check out these three essential foods for PMS prevention, cramp management and a healthy cycle overall.

Healthy fats, protein and whole grains are among the most essential foods for women – and for a healthy menstrual cycle. We commonly think eating salads and low fat foods keeps us healthy, but this really may be doing the opposite for you when it comes to your monthly cycle. If your body does not get enough fat and whole grains containing iron, magnesium, fiber and a range of vitamins, it may have a hard time producing enough blood in your body in general, which will be harder for your monthly cycle to come! Try adding these foods into your diet for a healthier menstrual cycle.

3 Foods For A Healthier Cycle


Eating a half or full avocado a day can improve your menstrual cycle and PMS symptoms because of avocado’s nutritional profile. Avocados contain healthy fat, magnesium and fiber – all essential in supporting your body and blood building for an optimal menstruation.


This is a complete superfood that should be an addition to every woman’s diet daily! It will even help alleviate menstrual cramps. Containing magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, a full range of B vitamins, protein and fiber, you cannot get enough of this one! Add it to your morning smoothie and you will feel your body change after just a week of continued usage. 


In order to have a healthy menstrual cycle, we must have enough blood and healthy blood circulation in our body. Iron is a mineral a lot of women are deficient in, which is hard because it is one of the most important ones for our bodies. Spinach contains loads of iron and magnesium, which will help build blood, especially during your cycle when your body is losing so much of this essential nutrient. I suggest adding a handful of spinach to your smoothie or in a salad the week before and during your period to see major results!

How Do You Deal With Cravings At This Time Of The Month?

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