A Week of Must-Watch Films for the Holidays

Holidays are often filled with grand plans of sights to see, friends to visit and new adventures with families. But when work finishes for the year and you start to slow down, sometimes all you want to do is hang a do not disturb sign on your door and put your feet up. Whether the weather has you housebound, you’re hoping to spend your holidays learning, or you’ve come down with a seasonal sickness, FMTV has the best kind of binge session planned for you.

A Quest For Meaning

While holidays are often synonymous with road trips, A Quest For Meaning will take you on a journey from the comfort of your home. Neither fiction nor non-fiction, neither fully objective nor overly sentimental, this film is above all a road-movie revealing the profound aspirations of a whole generation, in search of wisdom and common sense… Join movers and shakers around the world on an epic, life-changing adventure. Watch it on FMTV here. 


The Earthing Movie

One of FMTV’s latest releases to take the community by storm explores our human connection to the surface of the earth, and how it can help us to heal. The Earthing Movie takes us on a journey of how we can use bare-footed walking to our advantage. Delving into the science while tugging on the heartstrings, this new documentary is one to watch if you want a powerful change from a simple habit these holidays. Watch it on FMTV here. 


You Can Heal Your Life

Leave that negativity back in the 2010s. Listening to Louise Hay’s words that inspired a global consciousness shift should be at the top of your to-do list these holidays. Featuring never-seen-before interviews from consciousness visionaries and discussions with renowned academics, You Can Heal Your Life leaves a lasting impression that extends beyond her famous teachings. Explore the abundance of ways you can find some healing in your life. Watch it on FMTV here. 


Eating Like A Nutritarian

If refreshing your eating patterns is a goal this coming decade, then start by immersing yourself in nutrition education. Joel Fuhrman’s film acts as a guide to modern supermarket shopping, serving up a guide on how to maximize the health benefits on your plate and de-bunking the nutri-bollocks that we’re often fed. Not a diet but a lifestyle change, this all-time-favorite documentary will encourage you to nourish your body and life your healthiest life into the new year. Watch it on FMTV here. 


Transcendence: Episode 4

If you’ve got all week, devour our FMTV exclusive Transcendence series. If you’ve got nothing more than a mere moment, have a taste of Episode 4: Whose Goals Are We Chasing? Heading into a new year, and embarking on a new decade, it’s vital that we set goals to serve our deepest purpose. Be inspired by the stories of others and discover your true calling. Take action and get immersed in the Goal Setting Transcendence Masterclass with Marie Forleo. As the sun sets on 2019, there’s no better time to step into yourself. Watch it on FMTV here. 


The Abundance Code

You may have stumbled across your calling for the New Year, you may have actively sought it out, you may be waiting for a sign: no matter how you phrase it, we’re all hoping to enrich our lives more than humanly possible. The Abundance Code is an opportunity to do just that. If you’re ready to move from a state of having to a state of being, this much-loved documentary is here to let the abundance flow. Watch it on FMTV here. 

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