Practical Solutions for EMR Protection


Most people are unaware that we are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation (EMR), even worse; most people don’t realize how this is affecting their health and the health of their children. It is becoming more know that these technologies which have made our lives so much more convenient are also harming our body.

One aspect of health often forgotten is our own bio-energy system. The body has a subtle energetic field, some call this an aura or chakras. Our body is electrically charged and is also constantly emitting electromagnetic frequencies. When our frequency comes into contact with the message carrying electromagnetic frequencies from the environment, our cells become disrupted. It’s like a radio playing two different stations at once, the signals are not clear, the frequencies are not in harmony. 

Electromagnetic radiation affects different people differently, some are more sensitive than others. EMR may cause a rash or a headache instantly in some, for others, it may take years before noticing the effects, such as infertility or cancer. Most people are affected but don’t even know it, for example, EMR is known to cause a decrease in melatonin in the body which is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Although there may be a number of reasons for sleep disorders,  this is a common effect of EMR. Think about this: Many of us sleep with our cell phones next to our head and most people carry their cell phone on their person, and what child these days doesn’t have an iPad? Let's face it either we go live in the woods, we stay indoors, or get rid of our electronic devices. For most of us, those are just not practical solutions. 

EMR, can’t live with it; can’t live without it…Or can we live in harmony with the EMR?
The answer is yes! You don’t have to give up your cell phone, your wifi, or any of your electronic devices. There is a way to live in harmony with our cell phone and iPads.

Proprietary Giaplex technology is designed to neutralize the effects of EMR pollution. Gia cell phone guards and universal guards  can be placed on your cell phone, iPads, and all other electronic devices to protect you against EMR and it’s harmful effects.
What about outside? Gialife pendants provide a calming effect to EMR pollution from outside environment. The pendants are entrained with Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) which works with your own bio-energetic field system to bring harmony between your bio-energy and the EMR in the environment. 

Cell phone towers and antennas are not going away anytime soon, in fact, more and more people are getting cell phones which mean more and more antennas will go up. There are no real policies in Washington D.C. that protect us against EMR. Unfortunately, D.C. is not looking out for our best interest here, there is just too much money involved and frankly, it’s not practical to get rid of cell towers if we want better cell phone service. 

When it comes to our health a holistic approach is best, of course, a whole foods diet, good sleep, meditation, clean efficient hydration, exercise and a healthy environment are all important. By changing chaotic frequencies into ones that resonate with your frequency, you can enjoy your wireless devices without the harmful effects of EMR in the environment. GIAtechnologies offer practical solutions for EMR protection.


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