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Susana Raneses, a California native, has been a registered nurse for 16 years. Her journey to health first began with the practice of yoga, and a few years later she became a certified yoga teacher. Susana has also studied meditation and natural wellness for the last 10 years. As a registered nurse Susana has seen first hand the detrimental effects of eating a Standard American Diet. Not only that but, lack of excise, negative thoughts, environmental pollutants, and stress all have adverse affects on a person's health. Unfortunately the current medical model does very little, if anything, to address these issues. In 16 years of nursing and through a lot of self education Susana has learned that good health requires a holistic approach. All aspects of a person's being have to be in balance in order to have the best health possible.Susana believes a healthy body, mind, and spirit lead to a happy, well balanced, and abundant life. Mahalo!

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Practical Solutions for EMR Protection

Susana Raneses Susana Raneses

As seen on FMTV, 'Full Signal: The Movie', most people are unaware that we are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Even worse, …

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