Hanro Roos

Hanro Roos is an online weight loss coach and blogger. He’s on a mission to help busy parents find the time to get back their health and fitness, no matter what. So they can set a positive example for their kids, are able to play with their kids, and love their bodies again. Go to this site and grab his FREE guide ‘10-Steps to Hack Your Habits’ so you can stay motivated, focused, and achieve your health goals.

My Articles

Health Tips

The #1 Rule All Healthy Diets Can Agree On

Hanro Roos Mar 31, 2017

It can be overwhelming trying to navigate the world of healthy eating. With so much information, the challenge is often determining what will work …

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Health Tips

6 Simple Remedies to Banish Bloating (And Get a Flatter Belly)

Hanro Roos Feb 24, 2017

Do you suffer from uncomfortable bloating? From feeling sluggish to tightness in the abdomen, it’s not something any of us enjoy.These 6 simple tips …

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