Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns has over 20 years of experience in analyzing global economic trends and financial market conditions, including 9 years studying various aspects of economics, statistics, and finance, and 15 years of postgraduate experience in the financial markets. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Economics, with honors in econometrics, from the Australian National University, Julie went on to complete a Master of Economics and Finance at a highly respected university in Japan, and two additional years of postgraduate research work in Japan, studying the Japanese stock market. Julie has worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia and also Macquarie Bank as a statistical researcher and economic and market analyst, and she has been an executive manager at Trading Pursuits since 2003.

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5 Ways To Keep Calm & Carry On These Holidays

Julie Ann Cairns

It's the holiday season - how do you feel? Not everyone has the ‘ideal’ family. Others are dealing with the loss of loved ones. …

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