Maja Kefeček

My name is Maja Kefeček. For a number of years, I've been promoting a healthy and natural vegetarian diet. I graduated from Makronova School of natural cuisine and have done numerous seminars on healthy eating and living, and lot of cooking classes. I teach healthy cooking classes and teach in Makronova School of natural cuisine.

I cook on yoga retreats and other healthy seminars, write articles and teach individual cooking lessons. I finished Faculty of Science (PMF) and graduated with a diploma in Paleontology and Geology. I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and love to travel and experience new things, learning the local ingredients and new ways of preparing food.

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Conscious Eating - Your Body Knows Best

Maja Kefeček Dec 18, 2015

What if our body is actually intelligent and capable of telling us what it requires, if only we could learn to listen to it? …

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