Maja Kefeček

My name is Maja Kefeček. For a number of years, I've been promoting a healthy and natural vegetarian diet. I graduated from Makronova School of natural cuisine and have done numerous seminars on healthy eating and living, and lot of cooking classes. I teach healthy cooking classes and teach in Makronova School of natural cuisine.

I cook on yoga retreats and other healthy seminars, write articles and teach individual cooking lessons. I finished Faculty of Science (PMF) and graduated with a diploma in Paleontology and Geology. I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and love to travel and experience new things, learning the local ingredients and new ways of preparing food.

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Conscious Eating - Your Body Knows Best

Maja Kefeček

What if our body is actually intelligent and capable of telling us what it requires, if only we could learn to listen to it? …

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