Marie-Louise Metres

Marie-Louise is a health enthusiast, lover of life, chronic fatigue survivor, mentor, counselor and emotional well-being junkie. With a degree in Social Work and lifelong commitment to personal development she is dedicated to helping others live passionate and inspired lives. Marie-Louise has worked in mental health for the past 10 years, supporting people battling eating disorders, poor body image, depression and anxiety. She was the director of operations for Innate Solutions’ world-class youth programs for 5 years and has more recently started her own counseling and mentoring business dedicated to improving emotional health and well-being in others.

Her passion is helping people to free their greatness. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of honesty and is known for her unique style and animated counseling approach. Marie-Louise has led a colorful life. She is known for telling stories that seem too crazy to be true, her love for travel and most importantly her not-so-secret love affair with pizza and champagne.

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How One Woman Reversed Chronic Illness and Broke Free of Being Bed-Bound and Unemployed

Marie-Louise Metres

This woman lost her health, her job, and her friend's thanks to an undiagnosed illness. But this is what her road to recovery taught …

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