Matthew Schmookler

Matthew is Co-Founder of Sowa where he supports natural mental health with Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Yantra Yoga. As a graduate of Shang Shung Institute, completing internship and exams in the Qinghai Medical College and Hospital in Tibet, he is one of the few certified Traditional Tibetan Medicine practitioners and Yantra Yoga instructors in the US. Matthew spends time between California, Tenerife and Moscow traveling with his wife and baby girl leading wellness retreats, yoga courses and workplace wellness programs while offering people diet and lifestyle advice, herbal formulas and Kunye Massage

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10 Surprisingly Healing Spices In Your Kitchen

Matthew Schmookler Oct 06, 2015

These spices may be hiding in your kitchen and are available at most grocery stores. The healing benefits of these spices may surprise you!

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Insomnia, How to Fall Asleep Naturally

Matthew Schmookler Sep 29, 2015

Raise your hand if you have trouble getting to sleep each night? There are a lot of this playing a role in this, discovering …

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