Maya Novak

Maya is a passionate Health and Lifestyle Coach and Injury Recovery Expert. She has been passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition for as long as she can remember. Her passion for helping others and a fracture that should have left her limping for the rest of her life led her to discover her true purpose in life. She has authored several cooking and wellness books and programs. Her mission is helping others with injuries, wellbeing and weight issues, and guiding them through challenging times with a proven mixture of mindset, diet, and lifestyle.

My Articles


4 Common Signs That You Need More Sleep

Maya Novak Feb 03, 2017

Sleep is something almost everyone could do with more of, right!? Are you not sure how much sleep you need? This article explains the …

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Health Tips

3 Smoothie Mistakes You Don’t Want To Be Making

Maya Novak Sep 19, 2016

Are smoothies not quite hitting the spot for you? Maybe you’re making one of these common smoothie mistakes. Maya Novak shares her tips for …

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