Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis is a bona fide women’s health revolutionist and fertility fixer with a big heart for natural healthcare. She is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, an author, speaker and the founder and owner of The Pagoda Tree. Nat has stepped up to champion fertility BEFORE it becomes an issue. With the belief of ‘Why wait until it’s broken?’ Nat is helping women in their twenties to lay a gangbuster ‘healthy hormone’ foundation, knowing that this is the way forward in the world of women’s health. Nat has penned three books Well & Good, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat, Be Lean. And she tours Australia regularly, holding workshops and speaking at other events to help women get clued up on their bodies and take control of their hormone health.

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6 Natural Ways To Get Glowing Skin & Fix Acne

Nat Kringoudis Nat Kringoudis Oct 05, 2015

We are all searching for glowing skin! It can be tricky to achieve, but there are a few things you might be missing when …

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Natural Therapies

Why Your Hormones Need You To Cleanse

Nat Kringoudis Nat Kringoudis Aug 11, 2015

There are so many reasons why a cleanse is a great idea for your insides - not limited to happy bowels, less bloating, weight …

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