Nicole Fuge

Nicole Fuge is a freelance journalist with over a decade experience in the industry, having worked predominantly for newspapers and magazines on the Sunshine Coast. Nicole's favorite topic to write and talk about is food and she particularly enjoys heading out for a leisurely brunch with her husband and their daughter.

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Health Tips

7 Health Benefits of Potassium + Top 10 Potassium-Rich Foods

Nicole Fuge Jul 15, 2019

Potassium is needed for heart and kidney health and also supports bone and muscle strength. To avoid deficient levels, eat these potassium-rich foods including …

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6 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera + 3 Simple Ways to Use It

Nicole Fuge Jun 04, 2019

Aloe vera is a popular home remedy for sunburn, but it also has many other health benefits such as healing cold sores and wounds, …

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