Richard de Leth

Author, Master of Science in Medicine and Public Speaker. Richard de Leth studied medicines in Amsterdam. He has his own Practice of Integrative Medicine and is author of 4 books about lifestyle and health in The Netherlands and sold more than 100.000 copies. He is an advocate of evolutionary and preventive medicine. His vision is to use lifestyle as medicine. He also challenges this knowledge through different experiments. In 2013 he lived for 11 days as hunter-gatherer for scientific research, and in 2016 he climbed the Kilimanjaro with Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hof. He loves to inform, inspire and encourage people to live a happy and healthy life and to laugh a lot.

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5 Simple Tips To Balance Your Insulin And Improve Your Health

Richard de Leth

Richard de Leth shares his tips for balancing your insulin levels naturally and improving your overall health.

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