Tracie Kendziora

Tracie Kendziora is the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach behind the practical, fluff-free, sometimes (okay, usually) sarcastic healthy living advice on 'Eat Clean in Your Cubicle'. Offering totally doable suggestions, easy recipes, and private coaching, she’s on a mission to help crazy busy working women who are tired of feeling like sh*t. Even though she sometimes drinks too many smoothies (because…convenience!) and doesn’t always eat enough greens, she wants to prove that wellness doesn’t have to be work and that you can totally have a healthy hustle without any insane wellness hacks, restrictive diets, or overwhelming science-y info.

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Why You're Still Hungry After Lunch. The Third Reason May Surprise You!

Tracie Kendziora Feb 11, 2018

We’ve all been there — standing in front of the fridge just an hour after lunch. Here are four reasons your lunch might not …

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5 Ways To Politely Decline Holiday Party Goodies

Tracie Kendziora Dec 03, 2017

Holiday party season has arrived. Here are 5 ways to politely decline all the goodies.

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