Going Plant-Based & Tapping Into Your Unlocked Potential with Rich Roll

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Welcome to The Food Matters Podcast, designed to challenge you to expand your understanding of what it means to be human, how to have more control over your biochemistry, how to have more control over your mind, and how to have an increased capability to transcend pain, depression, anxiety, and chronic degenerative disease, so that you can live a long life completely free from the corporations that profit from our health.

This podcast will bring you the best, newest interviews with people from the world of health, wellness, mind-body, spirit, and transformation and also some full-length unabridged interviews from our films, Food MattersHungry For Change, and our latest docu-series, TRANSCENDENCE. All interviews are a selection of the epic, deep range of health and wellness content we have on our online streaming channel, FMTV.

To kick start, we’re launching 3 episodes including Rich Roll, Marie Forleo, & Josh Axe, so you can start listening today!

Episode 1: Going Plant-Based, Overcoming Roadblocks, & Tapping Into Your Unlocked Potential with Rich Roll

Rich Roll’s story is an epic one! At the age of 40, Rich was out-of-shape and working himself to the ground. He decided to make a change and is now a world-renowned ultra-endurance athlete. And he’s done it all through the power of food and mindset and today we’re going to take a journey through his transformation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Rich Roll transitioned to a plant-based diet 
  • The truth about a ‘vegan junk-food’ diet 
  • How Rich became an ultra-endurance athlete 
  • Discover how Rich broke free from an unfulfilled life and set his own rules to become happy 
  • Overcoming personal roadblocks 
  • How to unlock your untapped potential 
  • Become your most authentic self 
  • How visualization played a role in Rich’s success 
  • The lesson Rich would teach humanity

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