Eating For Better Digestion and Beauty with The Hemsley Sisters

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When you meet Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley in person, you can see just how radiantly healthy they are. Which made me wonder - what do they eat to stay so radiant? What works for them?

So I asked! These girls are all about eating wholesome food, ethically sourced, and love returning to their Filipino heritage for recipe inspiration.

Their philosophy on food and personal journey to becoming best-selling recipe book authors is so uniquely their own. With Philippine and British heritage, and being fortunate enough to be raised by parents both passionate for home cooking and a no-waste mentality, their future had early glimpses of ‘foodie’ forecast.

They even started their own catering business from their basement. Talk about bold entrepreneurs!

This duo is a one-of-a-kind power couple taking the world by storm with their down to earth approach to eating and nourishing your body.

In this week's podcast episode with the Hemsley sisters you will learn:

  • How their heritage influenced their cooking style
  • Their journey to becoming best-selling recipe book authors
  • Mindful eating, listening intuitively to your body and finally forgetting 90’s diet habits
  • Their beauty secrets & extra uses for papaya skin
  • How you can repair by putting in good intention and actions
  • Hemsley sisters' responses to James’ rapid-fire questions

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