How to Educate Yourself for the Future

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Our hearts ache with the loss of Sir Ken, after an extraordinary life as one of the world’s leading thinkers on creativity and innovation.

Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D. passed peacefully on 21st August 2020, surrounded by family after a short battle with cancer.

Sir Ken is well known and respected for his TED talk lecture called "Do Schools Kill Creativity" and is an NYT bestselling author. He is a force for good in championing the notion that the non-academic components of our education system should be considered with deep reverence, especially with how they can help culture a new form of children and humanity out in the world solving the biggest problems of today.

Sir Ken, you will be deeply missed. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, interview you, and get to share your wisdom with the world through Transcendence 2. For that, I will be forever grateful.

In this week's episode with Sir Ken Robinson you’ll discover:

  • The founding principles and history of mass public education.
  • The concept of academic ability and disability among a population 
  • Sir Ken’s childhood experience with his own physical disability.
  • How the way we interact with animals has changed in recent years.
  • How creativity is the executive wing of imagination and how we can express this in our own lives.
  • The characteristics of language, visual art, and the growth of human civilization.
  • Diversity vs conformity; how this is present in our culture and the natural world.
  • Practical applications for cultivating more creativity and broadening the ways we educate ourselves and our children.

Episode resources:

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