How to Stop Unwanted Cravings & Emotional Eating with Marc David

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This is the final episode in our special release series celebrating the launch of our NEW Food As Medicine Nutrition Program (enrollments are now open for a limited time). And it's a good one!

We've all been told that our ability to fight food cravings comes down to willpower. But could there be more to it than that?

This episode covers the psychology of eating and the importance of not just what you eat, but who you are as an eater. You'll uncover tips and tricks to become a mindful eater, improve your digestion, and manage cravings.

Food can be medicine for our bodies, but when we're constantly reaching for unhealthy options or portion sizes to fill some sort of void, we realize that food can also be detrimental.

Before you reach for the chocolate or crisps, be sure to listen to this fascinating conversation.

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