10 Must-Try Fitness Classes That Are Trending Now


Becoming bored with your workout routine isn’t uncommon. If working out and being active is feeling like more of a chore than something that gets you pumped up and racing out the door, then it might be time to change things up.

There are some pretty whacky sports and fitness activities happening all around the world right now, so we've put together a list of the one’s we’re most keen to try!

Now we know these activities won’t appeal to everyone, but hey, it’s always good to step outside of your comfort zone, right!?

Here’s Our List Of The Top 10 Must Try Fitness Classes That Are Trending Now!

1. Naked Yoga

Yes, you read it right. Totally nude yoga. Doing yoga in nothing but your birthday suit isn’t something new. The concept first came to light during the hippie movements of the 1960s, and now, naked yoga classes are popping up again all over the world. Facilitators of these classes say that sexual notions of any nature should be left at the door. Instead, these classes embrace positive body image, instill confidence and remove shame and negativity associated with the naked body. 

2. Twerking Classes

Some might say that twerking should only be left to Miley, but others disagree. Dance phenomenon, fitness craze, or whatever you wish to call it, these butt-jiggling classes are popping up all over the globe. A mixture of aerobic conditioning mixed with sexy, dynamic dance choreography, these classes are sure to get your body toned in a heartheart! 

3. Doga

Can’t leave home without your pooch? Well now you don’t have to. These classes have dog owners performing canine acupressure and massage on their fur babies while practicing traditional hatha poses. Claiming to help create a better bond between you and your pup, we question how zen a class like this can really be.

4. Stiletto Workouts

Usually we look forward to putting on our training shoes as they are so comfy, right!? Women are typically just waiting for an opportunity to kick off their heels.  So who would have thought that working out in heels would be so popular? When these workouts promise defined quads, popping calves and a lifted bum, it’s no wonder women are willing to endure a little discomfort for perfectly toned pins. 

5. Quidditch

When you think Quidditch your mind probably flies straight to the image of Harry Potter zooming around on broomstick with the goal of catching the ‘golden snitch’. The real-life, non Harry Potter version isn’t far off. Broom sticks are still a “thing”, the golden snitch is a tennis ball inside a sock and keepers, seekers, chasers and beaters battle it out to win the match . There is even an International Quidditch Association which is the governing body for the sport worldwide. The 2016 Quidditch World Cup was held in August, with teams from all over the globe taking part and the Dropbears from Australia claiming the gold!

6. Kangoo Jump

Bounce your way to a fitter you by attaching spring-like shoes to your feet and jumping around for an hour.  But seriously, this cardio workout is talking the fitness industry by storm. Think rollerblades cross pogo stick. Claiming to burn more calories than running, yet protecting your joints from impact, these funky Kangaroo shoes will have you jumping into shape in no time.

7. Pound

Another fitness class for the dance lovers out there is ‘Pound’. This class is all about embracing your inner rock star to drum your way to a challenging, heart-pumping workout. Pound offers a range of both isolated and compound movements to use muscles you never knew existed. Get ready to sweat and tone up from head to toe!

8. Cycling Karaoke

With so many dance-focused fitness classes around these days, you may be left wondering what’s on offer for you if you have two left feet. While most people struggle to take a breath during a cycling class, there is a whole new wave of people embracing singing while peddling. Karaoke spin classes are taking off in the U.S. and we’re sure they will be a global hit in no time!

9. Parkour

If you’ve watched “The Office” you may know what I’m talking about. Parkour is a training style that requires you to move as though you were battling a military obstacle course. The aim of Parkour fitness is to travel from one place to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment, in the fastest way possible. Think scaling buildings, vaulting and jumping over walls, or climbing places where only the neighborhood cats would be seen.

10. Immersive Cycling

Ever dreamed of cycling through cross-country terrain, pushing your legs to the limits as you cycle your way to the top of a steep glacier, sprinting your way around a velodrome, or riding your way toward a peaceful sunset? Immersive cycling let’s you experience this all while sitting on a stationary bike. Thanks to hi-tech video innovation, these cycling simulator rooms make keeping focused easier than ever!

Have You Tried Any of These Activities? Share Your Experiences With Us In The Comments Below!

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