11 Foods Made With A Yoga Mat Chemical!

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/deenashanker/yoga-mat-plastics-food

No matter how hungry you are, you'd probably refrain from eating your yoga mat or flip flop, right? It's not food, so you're probably saying "of course I wouldn't eat that!"

Well chances are you probably have (eaten a chemical found in these rubber products) and you just didn't know it!

Azodicarbonamide is a substance commonly used among fast-food chains as a dough conditioner because it makes bread more elastic.

Subway is one of those companies that has been adding this "secret ingredient" to their subway sandwiches and finally it's coming to an end. After being under scrutiny by a famous food blogger, Subway has promised to remove Azodicarbonamide from their sandwiches.

Is it safe? Europe doesn't think so. It has been banned from Europe due to risk of causing cancer and let's be honest, the idea of using a chemical that makes shoe soles and yoga mats flexible, has no place in food!

Currently it is a USDA and FDA approved food additive, however, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (as well as New York Senator Chuck Schumer) are wanting azodicarbonamide banned for good!

But Subway is far from the only chain using it. Here are 10 more...

1. McDonald’s buns

McDonald’s uses it in its regular bun, bakery-style bun, Big Mac bun, sesame seed bun, bagel, and English muffin.

2. Chick-fil-A sandwiches

Chick-fil-A puts it in the bread used for its chargrilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and chargrilled chicken club sandwich.

3. Burger King buns

Burger King adds it to its specialty buns, artisan-style bun, sesame seed bun, croissant, English muffin, French toast sticks, and homestyle Caesar croutons.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts pastries

Dunkin’ Donuts puts it in danishes, croissants, and Texas Toast. But maybe it’ll stop. The chain told CNBC, “We are evaluating the use of the ingredient as a dough conditioner in our products and currently discussing the matter with our suppliers.”

5. Wendy’s bread

Wendy’s puts it in bagels, premium toasted buns, sandwich buns, and panini bread.

6. Arby’s buns

Arby’s uses it in the sesame seed bun, onion bread, mini bun, marble rye bread, honey wheat bread, harvest wheat bun, croissant, and French toast sticks.

7. Jack in the Box bread

Jack in the Box makes its regular bun, bakery-style bun, jumbo bun, grilled sourdough bread, and croissant with azodicarbonamide.

8. Carl’s Jr. buns

Carl’s Jr. uses it in the plain bun, sesame seed bun, honey wheat bun, sourdough bread, croissant, and French Toast Dips.

9. Hardee’s bread

Hardee’s adds it to its sourdough bread, hot dog bun, seeded bun, wheat bun, and croissant.

10. White Castle’s bread

White Castle adds it to its sandwich buns, French Toast Sticks, Cloverhill Cheese Danish, Cloverhill Big Texas Cinnamon Danish, and Awrey Grande Cinnamon Swirl.

Sorry, dude.

Do you think the US should follow Europe's example and ban this additive from our food?


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Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/deenashanker/yoga-mat-plastics-food