3 Tips to Start Eating Consciously


Have you ever eaten while you were feeling distracted, exhausted or emotional? And then, completely forgotten what (or even if) you had eaten? I know I have! 

In the past, when I was sick, stressed and overweight, I would find myself eating food on the run, just trying to get enough energy to keep myself going. 
But, all this changed, when one day my body completely collapsed and I was intuitively guided to start my own healing journey…

It was on my healing path that I discovered the idea of eating consciously. Embracing mindful and conscious eating habits enabled my attitude towards food and my body to change for the better. I healed my body of chronic health conditions including asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal exhaustion amongst many others. I also lost over 60 pounds naturally with no diets, drugs or deprivation and I have kept it off for well over 10 years now.

What exactly is ‘Conscious’ Eating?

Conscious Eating is a healing tool that you can use to become more mindful about what and how you eat. It allows you to become more aware of your own eating patterns and habits around food. As you become more in tune with your own needs you can make better food choices for yourself.

Here are three of my favourite tips for a conscious approach to eating. Use them to help you become more aware of your own eating habits. 

Tip #1: Take time to feel deep gratitude

  • Before eating take a moment to express deep gratitude and appreciation for your food, as well as your bodies’ ability to taste, eat and digest it. 
  • Before I eat, I always like to give thanks to my food, as well as the many people who played a part in growing or preparing it.
  • As you express gratitude, take the time to really feel joyful and appreciative for each mouthful of food you eat. 


Tip #2: Chew your food well

  • When you eat, remember to chew your food well. As you do so, notice all the different kinds of textures and flavours of your food. 
  • If you race through your meals, you may find that you eat too much and are left feeling bloated or uncomfortable afterwards. 
  • But, when you chew your food in a conscious way, it is much easier to know when you've eaten enough (and stop before you’ve eaten too much!)
  • As you chew, you might even like to visualise and imagine your food being your fuel for optimal health, happiness and vitality.

 Tip #3: Turn eating in to a ‘Sacred Act’

  • One thing that I discovered on my healing journey was that eating can be transformed into a joyous, life-affirming and ‘Sacred Act’. 
  • Whenever you eat, sit down at a table. Allow yourself to relax. If you eat whilst feeling calm and good, this can help reduce bloating and ease digestive issues. 
  • If it’s possible, decorate your space with flowers or beautiful decorations, and take time to truly savour the whole experience of eating. 
  • When eating becomes a Sacred Act, your food has the power to nourish, energize and heal you from within. 
  • Eating consciously can totally transform your life!
  • Eating consciously can inspire you to make better food choices, as well as help you to build a healthy relationship with food and your body. 
  • Realise that through healing your relationship with food, you have the power to transform everything in your life. 


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