4 Things You Need To Let Go of To Finally Achieve Your Health Goals


Trying To Be 100% Perfect

The only way to be healthy, lose weight and maintain positive food choices is to enjoy the food you love in moderation. When we create a set of rules for ourselves about what we are allowed to eat, we feel compelled to cheat on these rules because they cage us in and make us feel trapped, hungry and deprived.

When you don’t impose unrealistic eating rules on yourself, you don’t feel compelled to break the rules and you are far less likely to binge out on food. Essentially, you can eat whatever you want. What you will find is that you begin to decide to make healthy choices. It’s a far more empowering place to operate from and sky rockets motivation and commitment for a healthy lifestyle long term. 

Feeling Guilty 

Aim to make mindful, positive food choices at every meal. That’s it. If you eat something outside of your own food goals or you miss a workout, remind yourself it’s just one day and aim to make the next one different. There’s no sense in beating yourself up about it, or feeling guilty.  One “bad” day or meal doesn’t need to ruin your intention of being healthy. Get straight back to a nutritious breakfast the next morning and recommit to eating and living well for the rest of the week. 

Focusing Just On Your Weight  

Start focusing on the health of your body, rather than just your weight. When your diet becomes all about real food, you are likely to experience things like clearer skin, balanced hormones, lots of energy, improved digestion, stronger immunity and many other positive benefits. Weight loss just becomes a great side effect to your amazing health. 

You want to partner with your body and get it back on the side so you can count on it for decades to come. You can’t do that when you are damaging it with endless diets or processed food. So eat for health, nurture your body and you are likely to find it will respond exactly how you want it to. 

Getting Caught Up In Calories  

Ditch the need to count calories and instead, just focus on food in the least processed state as possible. When walking down the aisles of the supermarket, ask yourself:

  • Where did this food or its ingredients come from? 
  • How much has it been processed and handled? 
  • What has been added to it?

The ingredient label should be short and all ingredients should be recognisable. Ideally, most of your food won’t have labels or packets at all! 
Nature has provided all that we need to create nourishing, delicious meals without ever needing to be processed ingredients. Make your diet all about real food and watch how much your body loves you back!

What is stopping you from achieving you health goals? 

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