6 Simple Swaps For Your Pantry


Do you have any tricks you rely on to make your kitchen a little healthier?

At Food Matters, we thrive on simple swaps for your pantry! It seems crazy to think that even the smallest of changes to a meal can level up your health, but that’s the power of good foods. But with all of the endless health food trends out there, where do you actually begin? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. ​​Soy Sauce

Soy sauce can be quite harsh on our digestive systems, often made with flavor enhancers, wheat, and additives, which can all lead to an irritated gut and bloating. We love choosing a Tamari version that is free from wheat - look for a product made on water, soybeans, and sea salt.

2. Table Salt

Table salt undergoes heavy processing and contains added chemicals and additives to give it that super white look! Switching to natural salts like Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt, and unrefined versions is such a simple swap! These unrefined versions retain their rich mineral content.

3. Maple Syrup

You might notice several options of maple syrup when you’re shopping. Many brands will be flavored maple syrup, sometimes even containing wheat and extra additives. You want to look for one that is 100% maple syrup.

4. Nut Butters

There are so many to choose from now! Peanut, almond, cashew, ABC, the list goes on. Firstly, choose your favorite nut or a blend of then be sure to read what else is in your nut butter - opt for one with 100% nuts. That’s it! Avoid vegetable oils, maltodextrin, milk solids, extra sugar, and additives like emulsifiers or anything with numbers listed.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate still deserves a spot in our clean pantry! Studies have shown that chocolate is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols so we are here for it. The secret to getting these health benefits is in the quality of chocolate you buy. Look for dark chocolate with a high percentage (70% or higher) of cacao. Try to avoid brands that use large quantities of sugar, milk solids, and extra additives!

6. Crackers

Life without crackers can be a little sad - We all need a quality vessel for our avo, hummus, dips, or whatever your fave is! Most brands are packed with wheat, flavor enhancers, and ingredients that are known to cause discomfort and bloating! Switching to a cracker that’s made only a handful of ingredients like whole grain brown rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds, flax seeds, sea salt, and herbs.

What simple swap are you most excited to try?

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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Mood & Shift Stubborn Weight. 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Mood & Shift Stubborn Weight.