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Tess has brought together her background in journalism and communications and her passion for nutrition to add to the Food Matters team. Her time is spent dreaming up new articles, researching the latest in nutrition news, and engaging with you, our readers. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find her trying to catch a wave, catching up on her nutrition and naturopathy studies, or hanging out with her cat, Salem.

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6 Surprising Uses of Banana Peels

Tess Patrick Sep 30, 2020

Bananas are a beautifully versatile fruit; we love them in our smoothies (or decorating on top), as an afternoon pick-me-up snack, and in delicious ...

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I Stopped Eating Gluten, Dairy & Sugar for 21 Days - Here's What Happened

Tess Patrick Sep 23, 2020

I like to think I lead a relatively healthy, balanced lifestyle. I drink my superfood greens in the morning and eat organic vegetables throughout ...

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Health Tips

From Mason Jars to Fridge Hacks: 11 Ways We Store Our Food

Tess Patrick Sep 22, 2020

Any foodie will tell you that the key to a kitchen is a handful of simple routines, or ‘hacks’. How you store your food ...

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15 Pantry Staples We Can't Live Without

Tess Patrick Sep 08, 2020

We believe the secret to a healthy, well-stocked kitchen is pantry staples. Staples that make a recipe sing, that are always on call, and ...

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Debunking Labels: How To Choose The Right Nut Butter

Tess Patrick Sep 03, 2020

You’ve made the switch away from your extra-smooth peanut butter with the added sugars and it’s a step in the right direction. Yet many ...

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Health Tips

6 Ways To Treat Psoriasis Naturally

Tess Patrick Jul 20, 2020

Only those living with psoriasis will understand how truly debilitating the autoimmune disorder can be. But the battle is not lost. Mounting research shows ...

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10 Tips for Going Gluten-Free

Tess Patrick Jun 24, 2020

Gluten has become a mainstay in the Western diet, but the question is, is it here to stay? With celiac diagnoses becoming more common ...

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Debunking Labels: What to Look For When Buying Nut Milk

Tess Patrick Jun 23, 2020

You wouldn’t be crazy for thinking nut milk is the healthiest option on your shelf. With trends towards plant-based lifestyles and a nasty hangover ...

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