Tess Patrick

Tess has brought together her background in journalism and communications and her passion for nutrition to add to the Food Matters team. Her time is spent dreaming up new articles, researching the latest in nutrition news, and engaging with you, our readers. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find her trying to catch a wave, catching up on her nutrition and naturopathy studies, or hanging out with her cat, Salem.

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5 Health Benefits of Quinoa (Plus 5 Recipes)

Tess Patrick Feb 16, 2022

Quinoa is one wholefood you’re guaranteed to find in almost every healthy kitchen. That’s why I wanted to share these 5 health benefits of …

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Natural Therapies

I Tried the 4-Minute Technique Proven to Reduce Stress, Here’s What Happened

Tess Patrick Feb 09, 2022

Lately, the health and wellness community has been buzzing with ways we can level up our own experience of self-healing and proven techniques to …

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Oats

Tess Patrick Jan 26, 2022

Oats. We all love ‘em. But what really makes oats so great isn’t just their versatility; it’s the health benefits that really pack a …

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7 Tips for Managing Menopause Naturally

Tess Patrick Jan 19, 2022

There comes a time in every woman’s life where the next stage of gracefully aging begins. Hot flushes meet clammy hands, and mood swings …

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The Best Diet For Inflammation

Tess Patrick Jan 04, 2022

How do you go about remedying any underlying inflammation? Good quality, anti-inflammatory foods of course. In the past, we’ve covered some of our favorite …

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Healthy Home

Why Is Sourdough Easier To Digest?

Tess Patrick Dec 27, 2021

For many people, and you’ve probably been here too, breaking up with gluten can be hard. While some go cold turkey gluten-free, others will …

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Keep Your Skin Brighter Than Christmas Lights These Holidays

Tess Patrick Dec 25, 2021

We’re all about looking after ourselves in the kindest and gentle way, so we’re putting positive habits in place to nourish our skin all …

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Food Matters 2021 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Tess Patrick Dec 07, 2021

For this year’s Food Matters Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, the team has decided to put the focus on gifts that inspire us. Think healthy …

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