Tess Patrick

Tess has brought together her background in journalism and communications and her passion for nutrition to add to the Food Matters team. Her time is spent dreaming up new articles, researching the latest in nutrition news, and engaging with you, our readers. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find her trying to catch a wave, catching up on her nutrition and naturopathy studies, or hanging out with her cat, Salem.

My Articles

Active Living

3 Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes to Try This Weekend

Tess Patrick Apr 04, 2021

To give you a little inspiration this weekend, here are 3 free online yoga & meditation classes to try. They’re all free to access …

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I Stopped Eating Gluten, Dairy & Sugar for 21 Days - Here's What Happened

Tess Patrick Mar 30, 2021

I like to think I lead a relatively healthy, balanced lifestyle. I drink my superfood greens in the morning and eat organic vegetables throughout …

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Natural Therapies

What Leads to Diabetes, According to Two Researchers

Tess Patrick Mar 23, 2021

We’re in the middle of a diabetes epidemic. In the 2020 report, the CDC claimed that 34.2 million people were living with diabetes in …

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Natural Therapies

An Ayurveda Expert Shares Her Favorite Digestive Spice

Tess Patrick Mar 17, 2021

For a practice so ancient, why are we only now gaining more insight and awareness into the application of Ayurveda into daily life? We …

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15 Pantry Staples We Can't Live Without

Tess Patrick Mar 15, 2021

We believe the secret to a healthy, well-stocked kitchen is pantry staples. Staples that make a recipe sing, that are always on call, and …

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Health Tips

How One Expert Rewilds His Diet

Tess Patrick Mar 15, 2021

As a species, we have lost touch with our traditional ways of eating. But there is light in the darkness, and many people are …

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6 Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Tess Patrick Mar 09, 2021

If you look back, cultures have been fermenting food for as long as we can remember. But they’re not just for adding extra color, …

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What We’re Reading: 7 Best Health & Wellness Books in 2021

Tess Patrick Feb 26, 2021

Remember that New Year’s Resolution to read more books this year? Now’s the time to make sure you’re making good on it. At Food …

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