Food Matters 2021 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


The time of year has come to share some kind and thoughtful holiday cheer! There’s nothing that makes me happier than finding the perfect present for someone you love - except when that gift is well thought out and helps to make the world a better place. That’s the reason that gift-giving feels so good.

Each year people just like you reach out to ask for our favorite holiday gift recommendations; whether they’re for a food-loving friend, or a conscious co-worker. And at Food Matters, we love being your source of inspiration. For this year’s Food Matters Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, the team has decided to put the focus on gifts that inspire us. Think healthy cookbooks, groundbreaking films, and even that kitchen appliance they’ve had their eye on forever. 

For The Natural Beauty Nerd: Annmarie Skincare

At Food Matters, we’re obsessed with good quality skincare (even the guys). While we’ll pass on the discount drugstore products, the team can’t get enough of the products that nourish the skin. Some all-time favorites come from Annmarie Skincare, and industry-disrupting company that puts nourishment at the heart of its products. Explore the skincare essentials that we can’t live without in James’ recent article here, and for our US & Canada friends, take advantage of their special offer to make the perfect gift.

For The Spiritual Seeker: Annual Gaia Membership

When FMTV found a new home on Gaia in 2019, we were committed to playing a role in creating the largest transformational streaming network in the world. Not only is that a huge achievement, but it’s allowed people around the world to have groundbreaking information at their fingertips so they can go deeper into their transformational journey than ever before. Share an FMTV on Gaia membership with your loved ones these holidays.

For The Detox Diva: Hurom Cold Press Juicer

Juicing has always been a part of the Food Matters journey. Is there really anything better than concentrated liquid nutrition? Even if you’re not wanting to dive deep into a green cleanse, making your own juices at home is infinitely more nutritious (read: less added sugars and preservatives), and the Hurom Cold Press Juicer is the best that money can by. Discover why we love it so much, and how you can order yours today.

P.S. We’ll be kicking off the new year with an extra special group intake of the Food Matters Juice Detox to really start 2022 right! That’s one way to get the new juicer up and running.

For The Ayurvedic Angel: Copper Tongue Scraper

An easy feel-good gift that people always appreciate? A copper tongue scraper. While some people may think it’s on par with buying someone a toothbrush for Christmas (which could be seen as offensive), it’s one of the greatest gifts as it helps to set the habit of good health. Tongue scraping is addicting, and it’s only once you start doing it that you see how good you can feel! Tongue scrapers are super affordable too, making them one of the best stocking stuffers.

For The Aromatherapy Addict: Essential Oils & Diffuser

The right scents can make even the dullest of spaces feel like home. But there’s so much more to aromatherapy than beautiful smells; it can be one of the greatest tools in natural healing. Essential oils are loved by all. Whether they’re looking for a blend to send them to sleep, or something energizing for the early morning, finding a great essential oil and beautiful diffuser is always a foolproof gift. Our good friend Dr. Z shares some of his favorite essential oils over on Natural Living Family, and for our friends in the southern hemisphere, make Kim Morrisson’s Twenty8 your new go-to.

For The Green Goddess: Superfoods Powder

Chances are the special person in your life is already addicted to a good dose of daily greens - but the best part about it is that they’ll always be thirsty for more. Greens are a wonderful way to supercharge your daily health, and is there really a better gift than that?

For At-Home Acupuncture: Shakti Mat

Fan’s of acupuncture will tell you just how incredible it is. It’s relaxing but invigorating, and it’s easy to see how so many get addicted. The sad reality is that until recently, we haven’t been able to commit to daily acupuncture (for most, the pricepoint alone is unattainable), but enter Shakti Mats - the next big thing. These mats are adorned with similar spikes that evoke the same response in the body, and are one of the best and easiest tools for relieving the body from lingering back pain. Your friends will thank you for this gift - check it out today.

For The Farmers’ Market Maestro: Organic Produce Bags

One thing I know about the Food Matters Community… You’re obsessed with healthy, good-quality foods. And there’s no better place to get them than the local farmers’ markets. Seed & Sprout is an epic Australian brand that specializes in waste-free products to help people be more conscious consumers. The Farmers’ Market Bundle is the ultimate package to inspire every weekly shop (and they offer international shipping too).

For The Vivacious Vegan: Become A Turkey Guardian

Sometimes the best gift isn’t one that we keep on your shelves, but instead a donation to a cause you feel so passionately about. For vegans and animal lovers, the holidays can be a traumatic time of year as Turkeys typically take center stage on the dining table. Signing your giftee up as a Turkey Guardian is an affordable gift that will continue to give back, and that’s the best way to feel good over the holidays.

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